Life Transitions as Doorways to Transformation

Life Transitions as Doorways to Transformation
An Online Course with John Davis


Through our life transitions, we develop, mature, and transform. Whether predictable or unexpected, positive or negative–even tragic, they are inevitable and often difficult and confusing. However, we can discover the capacities for a positive relationship to our changes and find the gold that can be mined from them.

In this online course, we will explore how the Diamond Approach reveals the specific capacities that serve as allies as we move through our transitions. Through the practice of inquiry and the understanding of essence, or our inner nature, we can approach significant life changes as an adventure and a blossoming into the next phase of our lives. Incomplete life transitions become a kind of baggage in our lives, but moving through transitions in a more conscious and thorough way provides greater freedom, deeper presence, and a more intimate connection with our essential nature.

This course will benefit anyone interested in learning more effective ways for relating to the journey of our lives. It also provides an introduction to the orientation and methods of the Diamond Approach through the lens of life transitions.

This online course includes:

Four self-paced, pre-recorded teaching videos of approximately 40 minutes each
Four self-paced, pre-recorded Q&A videos of approximately 30 minutes each
Exercises that will help you explore the content in your own life


The course is appropriate for those engaged with the Diamond Approach as well as those new to this work.


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When you register, you will receive the following:

Module 1 – Life Transitions
– How the wisdom of the Diamond Approach can help to work with transitions
– What is essence
– The inner shape of life transitions and their three phases
– The practice of inquiry into our life transitions

Module 2 – Leaving, Endings, Separation
– Grief as a portal to love
– Allies from true nature
– Compassion for our losses – the Green Essence
– Courage to face our changes – the Red Essence

Module 3 – Betwixt and Between: The Old is No Longer, the New is Not Yet
– Aloneness as a portal to love
– Spaciousness as an ally in transitions
– Stillness and peace in the midst of change – the Black Essence

Module 4 – Returning and Beginning Anew
– Opening of the heart to the new
– Rebirth and blossoming
– Joy and happiness in new possibilities – the Yellow Essence
– Support for integrating the new phase – the White Essence

You will receive exercises to accompany each video that you can do with an inquiry partner or through writing in your journal. If you would like to find an inquiry partner among others taking the course, you may post a request on the Friends of the Ridhwan School & Diamond Approach Facebook page.

Register for the course - $95

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John Davis is an ordained teacher of the Diamond Approach, an adjunct professor at Naropa University, and a staff member for the School of Lost Borders. John is the author of The Diamond Approach: An Introduction to the Teachings of A.H. Almaas (Shambhala Publications), entries on Transpersonal Psychology and Wilderness Rites of Passage in the Encyclopedia of Religion and Nature, and the chapter on the Diamond Approach in The Handbook of Transpersonal Psychology, among other writings. His primary interest is full human development with a special focus on the intersection of spirit, psyche, and nature. John leads Diamond Approach groups in Colorado, Vancouver, Seattle, and Connecticut, guides wilderness retreats, and directs a training program for Diamond Approach teachers.


Comments on the course from past participants

“This course will help you gain insight into any major life transition and help you slow down, explore it further and really work through the change.”

“Accessible, practical, compassionate, helpful.”

“Thought-provoking and helps you put your own process into perspective.”

“It provides a very beautiful and useful way to deal with life transitions and serves as an experiential introduction to the Diamond Approach.”

“The course helped me to understand how some of my closely-held values were constructs of my ego-self that were no longer relevant to the life stage I was entering and holding me back, and the course helped me to deconstruct those values and move on.”

“It has been the clearest and most helpful source I have found to get through the transformation of grief.”

“Clear, powerful, supportive teachings.”

“This course has helped me find the inner allies I have to help me with my transitions, and the ones to come.” 

“John was superb. I found his speaking poignant, laser precise, relateable.”

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