Trauma & Spirituality: Somatic Gifts & Challenges on the Path – SB-TS-EV

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Trauma & Spirituality: Somatic Gifts & Challenges on the Path

Welcome to Trauma & Spirituality: Somatic Gifts and Challenges on the Path, with Diamond Approach teacher Jessica Britt.

This program is the second installment in the five-part series, Spiritual Wisdom of the Body. Through this series, we’ll explore how to heal the division between spirituality and our body, discover ways to reconnect with our bodies and release our painful histories, and see how we can turn towards our bodies with love so they can become something new that expresses the truth of who we really are.

We’re so grateful you’re joining us in this course. It is a unique opportunity to explore the gifts and challenges trauma can present on the spiritual path, and what the most appropriate supports are so we can begin to unwind, release, and dissolve it to live a freer, more authentic life.

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