Forgiveness Heals the Heart

Saturday, January 18, 2020 • 10:00 – 11:30 am PT

Join Diamond Approach co-founder Karen Johnson for a free webinar to learn more about this contemporary path to spiritual awakening and human maturity.   

Forgiveness Heals the Heart

In this chaotic time we all bear the pain of regret, hurt, and betrayal. If we are to add to the healing rather than the pain, we must find the way to release the regrets and grudges of past hurts and betrayals. But how?

The deep place in our soul where the heart and mind meet contains a rich wisdom. We find the jewel of forgiveness in this sacred space. It is the presence that reveals the heart’s natural movement toward the freedom all human beings long for. This is your birthright, no matter what your race, color or creed.

Whomever you have not forgiven till now has been bonded to you through suffering. Forgiveness will set your heart free and at the same time liberate others.

This is what we all need, this is what the heart of our world needs now: forgiveness.

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This is the fifth webinar in this free series. To view the other webinars go to the Diamond Approach YouTube channel. 

More about the Diamond Approach

The Diamond Approach includes meditation, inquiry and sensing practices to support those seeking the truth of our human existence. These practices support the unfoldment of each of our souls’ unique expressions. 

While some spiritual paths focus on learning primarily from a teacher or a guru, the Diamond Approach path bridges time-honored spiritual practices and modern psychological understanding to support your fully digesting and understanding your own experiences.  

Its unique teaching method combines small group meetings and larger group events with private, one-on-one sessions with expert Diamond Approach teachers. 

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