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Teaching Weekends

Teaching Weekends You've Not Yet Paid For

New students are required to purchase and participate in all missed teaching weekends via recording before joining the group live. Teaching weekends must be purchased in chronological order.

The standard fee for the 2-day weekend is $90. 

For those that need to pay less than the standard fee, you may pay a reduced fee of $60. This lower tier, however, is meant to be used only on an “as needed” basis.

For those who are able to help, you have the option of adding the “Pay It Forward” contribution to the standard tuition to support our economically diverse global community.

Upcoming Teaching Weekend



Pay it Forward

Missed Teaching Weekends



Pay it Forward

Teaching Weekends You Have Paid For

Recordings will be available approximately 48 hours after each session on the Diamond Approach Portal. The Diamond Approach Portal is a different website than the one you are currently on. You can log into the Diamond Approach Portal to access your recordings in the DHO1 Teaching Library or at the links below.

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