Day 2 Teaching and Q&C (Nov 5)


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Exercise Instructions:
This exercise is called “Repeating Questions” and will be done in a small group of 2 people.  

Decide who will ask first (Person A) and who will answer first (Person B).  

Person A will ask Person B question #1 for 10 minutes. Then switch roles and Person B will ask Person A question #1 for 10 minutes.  

Repeat this process with questions #2 and #3.  

Those listening are being silent, neutral witnesses, sensing themselves and being present, paying equal attention to themselves and to the speaker. No encouragement or discouragement in posture or words, just open attentiveness that helps the person feel held and supported to explore. The speaker is also sensing themselves and exploring their experience with immediacy as they verbalize to partners.   

This is a time to practice inquiry, so please stay off other devices and we will save socializing for another time.  

Exercise Questions 

Question #1: Tell me a way you avoid feeling your emotions  

Question #2a: Tell me something you are feeling now 

Question #2b: What does that feel like?

Take home practice:  

Continue with the sensing, looking, listening practice. Take a few minutes at the end of every day to reflect and write about the experience of your heart during the course of the day.  

What happened? Did you feel emotions, happy or sad or hurt or angry? Did you sense the presence of love, appreciative love, melting love, another kind of love? What happens as you write about these experiences? Engage your capacity for inner touch to really sense the immediacy of your heart as you reflect. 


To download the audio file, right click on this link and select “Save Link As”.

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