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A. H. Almaas (Hameed Ali) is the creator of the Diamond Approach to Self-Realization, a contemporary teaching that developed within the context of both ancient spiritual teachings and modern depth psychology theories. He is the author of eighteen books about spiritual realization and the founder of the Ridhwan School, an inner work school devoted to the realization of True Nature. The orientation of the school is directed toward helping students become aware of and embody their “essence” or essential nature.

Jeanne Hay Rosenblum is a long-time teacher in the Ridhwan School. She is a member of its leadership council and participates in the training and supervision of new teachers. Jeanne leads groups in Europe, the US, and Asia and has a private practice in Marin County, California.

Zarina Maiwandi has been a student of the Diamond Approach since 1999 and a teacher since 2015, working with students in the United States and in Asia. Trained as an academic studying Western philosophy and literature, she edits books, including several written by A. H. Almaas.

Rob Merkx has been a student of the Diamond Approach since 1993 and was ordained as a teacher in 2006. Deeply engaged in the logos of the Diamond Approach, he teaches and supervises groups in various European countries. Rob is co-founder of the Rebalancing School for Bodywork and Body Awareness in the Netherlands and was its director for 25 years.

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