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Inquire: Exercise & Feb 9 Practice Session

Confidentiality Notice

Engaging in Diamond Inquiry can bring up material that is personal and sensitive. As a result, we engage with respect and sensitivity to privacy. Content shared by inquiry partners is confidential and should not be shared or discussed outside of the exercise.

Inquiry Exercise – 3 Different Ways: 

1. Join Feb 9 Inquiry Practice Session by Zoom: 

Zoom link:

Join the hosted Weekly Inquiry Practice Session where you’ll be given instructions and paired a fellow course participant to do the exercise. All sessions run from 10:00 a.m. – 11:15 a.m. Pacific Time. For Zoom phone numbers see How to Participate in Weekly Inquiry Sessions.

2. Do the Exercise with One Other Person: 

Connect in person or online. Decide who will ask first. That person will ask the question, then listen as a silent witness while the other person answers. After they answer, the first person says “Thank you” then continues to re-ask the same question and listen to the response for a total of 15 minutes. After the 15 minutes are over, switch roles. You’ll switch back and forth for each of the two questions: person A, then person B, then person A, then person B, and so on.

3. Do the Exercise on Your Own: 

If you choose to do the exercise on your own, you can either write in a journal or speak your experience out loud using a recording device as the witnessing listener.

Exercise Instructions

  • This exercise is called “Repeating Questions” and will be done in a small group of 2 people (dyad).
  • Decide who will ask first (Person A) and who will answer first (Person B). And decide who will keep the time (smart phone timer works well).
  • Person A will ask Person B question #1 for 15 minutes. Then switch roles and Person B will ask Person A question #1 for 15 minutes.
  • Repeat this process with question #2
  • The listener is being a silent, neutral witness, sensing themselves and being present, paying equal attention to themselves and to the speaker. No encouragement or discouragement in posture or words, just open attentiveness that helps the person feel held and supported to explore. The speaker is also sensing themselves and exploring their experience with immediacy as they verbalize to their partner.
  • After your short answer, your partner will say “Thank you”, then you’ll have a moment to re-group, come back to center, and wait for the question to come again.

Below are the questions for this exercise. Each is asked repeatedly for 15 minutes per person. Whatever arises for you—positive, negative, neutral, blank—go with it and let things keep flowing! 

Question 1: Tell me something that limits the power of your enlightenment drive. (15 min per person)

Question 2: Tell me a way you experience the drive for enlightenment. (15 min per person)

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