107 Love Quotes on the Nature of Love

Love Quotes from the Works of A. H. Almaas

Love is central to and at the heart of human experience. Every moment of life and activity is an expression of love. One hundred and seven quotes about love don’t begin to scratch the surface. All the poetry, prose, and expositions on love from the beginning of time… merely an introduction.

Exploring love in the Diamond Approach covers a lot of territory. From the essential qualities of love to the dimension of Divine Love to the relationship between the soul and the human being to love., and much, much more. Just when we think we know all there is to know about love, love surprises us with more of its mysteries.

Following these 107 quotes on the nature of love is a video of Hameed, A. H. Almass, discussing three of the many flavors of love which is followed by two poems about my experience with love. But, let’s start at the beginning…

What is love?

love is quotes

Love Is

Love is the consciousness of everyone, and that consciousness, which is love, has nothing to do with boundaries. – Diamond Heart Book Three: Being and the Meaning of Life (DH3)

Love is the flow of your nature. – Diamond Heart Book Four: Indestructible Innocence (DH4)  Love isn’t given. It overflows. – Diamond Heart Book Two: The Freedom to Be (DH2)

Love is who you are. It is not something you feel toward someone. DH2

Love is action in the now, while hope is for the future. – Facets of Unity: The Enneagram of Holy Ideas (FoU)

Love is universal, it is for everybody and everything. – The Pearl Beyond Price: Integration of Personality into Being (PbP)

Love is one of our potentials. Nobody can really teach you how to love. Love is something you have to find in yourself. – Brilliancy: The Essence of Intelligence (BEoI)

Love is the primordial feeling, the source of all affects. – The Inner Journey Home: Soul’s Realization of the Unity of Reality (IJH)

Love is the first emanation, the first particularization of the supreme reality, which is unity. – DH3

Love is a big question for us. – The Power of Divine Eros: The Illuminating Force of Love in Everyday Life (Eros)

Love is the flow of your nature. Hatred is the reaction to that flow being blocked, that’s all. – DH4

Love is a force that compels us to want to know more.- Eros

Love is the universal solvent.- Eros

Love is an ocean, and you are part of it, a drop of it, or a channel for it. – DH2

Love is the breath of the boundless Being. – DH3

Love is really nothing but a synthesis, the union of truth and pleasure. In love there’s no separation between truth and pleasure. – DH2

Love is love, whether one is American or Chinese, man or woman, old or young. – PbP

Love is the experience of the essence of who we are as a pure and authentic presence. – Spacecruiser Inquiry: True Guidance for the Inner Journey (ScI)

quotes about the nature of love


When love arises, you will see that the love is you, is your very nature. – DH3

When you are truly loving, you rarely think about love. – DH2

The most basic thing about love is that love is beingness, essence, existence. – DH2

Most of the time, when you say “love,” the point is not to express love, but to express something else. But when love is truly there, it is expressed by its presence. You don’t need to say it. – DH2

When your whole organism is in harmony on all its levels, there is no conflict. The expression and radiance of that harmony is love. You become a channel of love, a manifestation of love. You feel completely yourself and not separate from anything. – DH2

When you are experiencing love, love is who you are. It is not something you feel toward someone. – DH2

You can love what is true and life can be a love affair that goes on regardless of what is happening. – ScI

Love is not here just for enjoyment, for happiness. Love is also here to help you tolerate and accept and understand the difficulties. Love is here to help you continue being happy regardless of the difficulty. – DH4

The moment love is restricted to one person or thing, it is limited and diminished. – DH2

A person who has no boundaries is a fountain of love in the middle of an ocean of love. The fountain is the source of love. – DH2

Love, by its very nature, is a matter of revelation, of unfoldment. It is a manifestation of Being whose very nature is a matter of opening up and unfolding, like the unfolding of a rose. – ScI

Our nature is love. We are, in fact, the source of love. So the most powerful force within us is the loving force. That is the reality. – DH4

When love is completely realized, the person who loves does not feel she is loving, the person who gives does not feel she is giving. They do it and they don’t think of it. There is no need for these ideas. – Diamond Heart Book Five: Inexhaustible Mystery (DH5)

The more we feel love, the more we actually glow with it. When we follow love to its source, we may feel the actual presence of love itself. Then love is no longer just an idea, a thought, or even an emotional affect. – Eros

Nobody can really teach you how to love. Love is something you have to find in yourself. Love is something you have to open to in yourself and then bring to the situation. – BEoI

Love always wants to bring us closer to what we love, whether the object of love is God, truth, or reality, whether it is a car, an iPad, or a person.- Eros

The life of the lover is an ongoing love affair with the world and everything in it. You love your beloved, you love life, other people, truth, understanding—everything—sometimes with passion, sometimes with gentleness or with sweetness. You are always in love. – DH2

I am love, and my knowledge of love is the presence of love. The presence is totally inseparable from the phenomenological characteristics of love, and the knowingness that it is love. This knowingness does not need to be associated with a word, but the word “love” may arise, in whatever language we speak. – IJH

The origin of all feeling is love. The first feeling is love. If you follow your feelings all the way back, what will you come to finally? – DH3

universal love quotes

Universal Love

When you feel universal love, there is no “I” that loves. Universal love is needed to melt the identity and self-centeredness  – DH2

Universal love is conscious and loving at the same time. It is also known as universal consciousness or cosmic consciousness. – DH2

The impersonal becomes personal through Love, as an expression of Love. Universal Love is the continuum between the impersonal and the personal, and hence, it partakes of both. – PbP

Universal love has power, harmony and balance. Universal love is mysterious: the mystery is that the abundance, the cosmic universal goodness is actually the expression and the radiance of the harmony of Being. – DH2

Universal love is the basic energy of the universe. It is there all the time. When people say they want love, it’s like the fish saying it’s thirsty. – DH2

Universal love accepts everything, including the personality. It doesn’t see the personality as a barrier, it sees the personality as a part of what is there. From the perspective of universal love, the personality is one fish swimming in the ocean. – DH2

Universal love is mysterious: the mystery is that the abundance, the cosmic universal goodness is actually the expression and the radiance of the harmony of Being. – DH2

Love of Truth

When we love truth for its own sake, it is actually truth loving itself. It is truth manifesting in our consciousness, manifesting its love for its reality to appear. – Runaway Realization: Living a Life of Ceaseless Discovery (RR)

Our love of the truth determines how we interact with people, how we run our life, how we conduct ourselves, how we maintain our living environment. – DH5

Loving the truth is the attitude of the heart. DH5

We want to be real because we love being real. We love reality and we love to feel it, to see it, and to be it as much as possible. Only when we can slow down and rest in the simple, precious moments of living, can we recognize that we love this quality of realness for its own sake and not because of what it does for us. – The Unfolding Now: Realizing Your True Nature through the Practice of Presence (UN)

We recognize at some point that our love for truth is natural; it is inherent in our heart. The heart loves what is true. – ScI

The more the consciousness is balanced, the more it is integrated, the more it is completed, the more you will notice that you naturally love the truth and love people who love the truth. – DH4

quotes about love and heart

Love & Heart

Love actually forms the ground of the human heart, even though sometimes we cannot find it in ourselves. Love is the ontological ground of the heart and the original source of all feelings. – IJH

The heart is love, and love means appreciating what is real. – ScI

Love is the highest, the deepest, the most intense, the most expansive possibility of feeling. Love is the heart. Beyond love is the supreme reality, which is beyond feeling or no feeling. – DH3

Part of being a human being, is to have a heart; and the heart loves and appreciates and understands and forgives and accepts. – DH4

Love & Soul

All Love & Soul quotes are from The Inner Journey Home:

When the soul is essentialized she is totally inseparable from the presence of love. She is completely transparent to the aspect of love, so transparent to it that she is completely indistinguishable from it, fully coemergent with it.

We know love by being love. Our soul knows it directly because it is a quality of her basic consciousness, not a thought in the mind.

Love is not for anyone, and not by anyone. It is for everyone; true nature is manifesting everyone, and everything, as pure love. And one of these forms of love is the soul herself. The soul recognizes here that she is a manifestation of the love of true nature. She is love and light, a consciousness with total goodness.

We love pure consciousness because it is our very identity, truth, and substance, but we also love our living soul because she is what completes it. She is the daughter of primordial pure consciousness, but also its infinite potential.

Love & Mind

Love doesn’t reflect on itself. Love just moves. What reflects on itself is the mind. – DH4

The heart says, “Yes, I love you.” The mind says, “I want to completely know what I love.” It is not enough simply to be in love and feel the love. You want to know what you love. You love to know what you love.- Eros

Mind acts as a mirror of Love so that Love knows itself. – DH4

The mind drowns in love, words drown into the passionate love of the heart. Conceptualizing ceases and love takes over. – DH5

Love is not an idea or a concept. If you’ve never seen a coconut, never tasted a coconut, someone could explain to you the taste of a coconut forever, but you would never really know what coconut tastes like. – DH2

Love & Unity

Beyond love is unity, where vulnerability and invulnerability become one. – DH3

The capacity to feel is ultimately based on the capacity to love; and love unifies—it is an expression of oneness. – ScI

All of physical reality, all of the universe, can be seen as a harmony, as an expression of love. Oneness that is peace. Oneness that is love. Oneness that is harmony. – DH5

Love & Relationship

If you really love, you see the whole picture.- Eros

Love is the appreciative attraction between two forms of manifestation because of the pull of their true nature, which is one nature. – IJH

When we know the presence of love, we can actually feel that fullness as an expression of freedom in our personal relationships, because presence cannot be contained.- Eros

The presence of love is the lifeblood of our relational heart.- Eros

Love always translates into awareness, into knowing. If you love somebody, you want to see them, you want to know them, you want to be as completely familiar with them as possible. – UN

When you truly love somebody, you want to do things for them. You’re willing to go through discomfort in your life, you’re willing to give your time, your attention, your energy, but not because you’re going to get something from it. You want to give because the heart is overflowing out of love. That’s what love means. – ScI

If love is our beingness, our essence, and the very substance of our soul, then what is going on when we have love only in a relationship? It means you are yourself only in certain relationships. – DH2

If all your life you’ve looked for somebody to love you, and then find that your nature is love, what will happen to that search? You spent all of your life trying to get love, and then realize that you are love; you are no longer the bee looking for nectar; you are the flower itself. Suddenly your perspective is totally shifted; now there will be something else to do with your life other than searching for love. – DH3

Wanting to love or to be loved, that in itself implies the belief that you are a separate individual. – DH3

Love wants you to be closer to the one you love. Have you ever heard of anybody who falls in love and says, “I want to go away . . . I don’t want to see you”? – Eros

Love & Ego

It is Love that ultimately dissolves ego boundaries. Love is not bound by separateness; it is what penetrates it. – PbP

It is much easier for the boundaries of the self to dissolve if there is love everywhere. – RR

The first thing you need to know is that your personality or ego does not know how to love. The personality is the product of the lack of love, so how can it know love? – DH2

You may find that your personality lets you experience love only with certain people and only under certain conditions. This means that the love aspect of your beingness is connected to certain conditions from the past. Only under these conditions do you allow yourself to feel love. – DH2

It is possible to experience love or essence while the personality is there, but if you never recognize essence, you won’t be able to separate what is real from what is not. You will call it love when it is need or desire. – DH2

Love is not conditional. Love has nothing to do with the conditions of your personality. Love is who you are. – DH2

Love & God

To love God means that you want only God to be. Anything else is not love of God, but love of yourself, love of your belief in a separate entityhood. – DH5

We suffer not because we are afraid of death but because we love existence. We love God. We love everything. – DH5

We love the real, and the real is the unity of the outer and the inner, of your body and your soul, of the world and God, of the ordinary universe and the spiritual universe.- Eros

The human being is nothing but the manifestation of the heart of God. So if there were no love we would not exist. Love is that basic. The heart is that basic. All that you see is a manifestation of love. – DH4

Love & Life

People who are near death sometimes begin to see how much they love life, how much they love the world, how much they love very simple things.- Eros

Love & Inner Work

You have to love being real—even if you don’t like what you’re feeling or who you think you are in any particular moment. That kind of love is the most powerful motive—the real inspiration—for our inner work. – UN

Holy Love

Holy Love

All Holy Love quotes are from Facets of Unity: The Enneagram of Holy Ideas

Holy Love is the fact that objective reality has an intrinsic quality of being wonderful and pleasing—it is intrinsically lovable.

Holy Love is the heart of existence, and to really experience the whole of existence as heart necessitates having nothing held back in your own heart. 

To understand Holy Love is to be in touch with the blissful beauty of existence which is its intrinsic goodness.

If you really understand Holy Love, if you see it as a fact, you cannot believe that you or anyone else is inferior. The knowledge that the intrinsic quality of who you are is love, wonder, and preciousness, eliminates the inferiority.

Holy Love brings you the experience of love, but it is not the love itself; it is something much more comprehensive. It is a quality of reality as a whole and is very difficult to fully define. We could say that Holy Love is the intrinsic quality of the reality of Being that is nonconceptual positivity. 

Holy Love says that if we let go of our dichotomizing minds and experience things as they are—without our subjective filters—we will recognize reality’s sheer positivity, its pure delightfulness. This characteristic of reality is usually referred to as the blissful and ecstatic quality of Being, or the loving and compassionate.

Divine Love

All quotes on Divine Love from upcoming publication of Nondual Love 3/21/23

Divine Love directly reveals the fundamental benevolence of reality.

When our soul is open to the dimension of Divine Love we begin to experience our true nature, free from limitations.

In the dimension of Divine Love, the mode of existence is light, love, and presence.

Divine love is the dimension of true nature responsible for the arising of qualities, feelings, and affects in experience. It is not only light, which is consciousness but also love. – IJH

The Beloved

Our ecstatic and passionate love of the mystery draws us powerfully to its depths, and its annihilating love for us draws us deeper into its nonbeingness. – IJH


In divine eros, love is so dynamic that there is no difference between giving and taking, between love and desire.- Eros

To be able to experience divine eros, we need the purity of love, the ground of lovingness and goodness, the experience of the presence of love, plus this scintillating, erupting, explosive quality that has an energy to it.- Eros

One way divine eros expresses itself is the desire for intimacy—a loving desire to be intimate, close, to be as much in contact and in communication as possible. Love tends to bring out this type of desire.- Eros

To be in love is to be swept by ecstatic love, in which the sweetness of appreciation and affection cannot be separated from a passionate desire to be one with the beloved. – The Point of Existence: Transformations of Narcissism in Self-Realization

Passionate Love

The more you are passionate, the more you disappear. – DH5

The sweetness of passionate love is exotic. You feel strength and power. Passion is love with strength—strong sweetness, sweet strength. – DH2


We cannot give any reason for the fact that we love being ourselves. That love is simply part of reality. – UN

Wanting to be real indicates having a measure of self-love, some kind of love of what we are. So when we want to move toward being real, we are already expressing a lovingness and an appreciation that is essential to spiritual work. – UN

Parental Love

Your parents’ failure to see your real nature does not mean that they do not love you. Even if they love you, are nice to you, provide for you, and even think you are wonderful, it is not the same as actually seeing who you are. – DH3

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Online Courses on Love

love and the body

In this two-session exploration, we will come to appreciate how our body has worked to serve us in every situation of our life, the ways we have shut down to and the ways we can open again to what our body needs, and how to reconnect with our body in ways that bring more respect, care, and love for this physical dimension of our being.

magnetic force of love

In this recorded online workshop, we will start to explore the ideas, beliefs, and emotional debris that stand in the way of experiencing a deeper kind of love that is available to all human beings; a force that can truly open us and break down our walls so we can experience an abiding sense of goodness that is unshakable by external circumstances.


The title of this first poem reflects how it began with curiosity flowed through revelation and ended in amazement. The ending poem addresses love and existence. – J. Harper


Here is something I don’t understand
 often love carries a brand
Circle K or rocking bar
 defining whose or what we are
A burn on the hip; a name off the lip
 possessiveness and ownership
Some confine love to the head or the bed
 and try to improve it with something they’ve read
Many believe that love can be given
 to and from it others feel driven
Do you think we pick and choose
 that love is something we can use
Something earned and often planned
 subject to payment on demand
When love’s a commodity traded around
 it’s no fucking wonder it can’t be found
It can’t be given or sent to a friend
 those thinking this are around the bend
Our minds will never figure love out
 the paradoxes keep it in doubt
Love is more a taste or a flavor
 making our life something to savor
The seers and prophets down through the ages
 philosophers, magi, and even the sages
Say love is the very fabric of life
 it can’t be divvied up with a knife
It’s finer than silk or gossamer wings
 penetrating even the densest of things
This includes you and certainly me
 and it isn’t subject to any decree
Love is the Life, blood of the soul
 complete in itself, making all things whole
Swelling the chest, melting the breast
 the heart’s beloved wandering guest
A bee to the flower, a moth to flame
 blessing all with only one name
O! that the selfish, lonely and cruel
 would come and steal this precious jewel
The alchemy of this hoarded treasure
 transforms a man of any measure
The strong go weak; the powerful meek
 the lamb and the lion dance cheek to cheek
Revelers bathe in liquid moon shine
 hearts are drunk on rosewater wine
Drunkards are dancing; children are prancing
 wounds and hearts the Guest is lancing
The beat of the drum; the flute and its hum
 sweetens us up like a ripened plum
Love cascades in a quiet crescendo
 opens the door and enters the window
Love is an ester flooding the room
 making us all a bride and a groom
No one is spared; nectar is shared
 more and more bosoms are being bared
The heart is birthing; constantly mirthing
 the mystery, IT is unearthing
Flickering light; darkening night
 curiosity quickens the heart’s delight
The night is afire, a joyous choir
 an ecstatic dance within this pyre
The fire dies down, we don a green gown
 deciding to take this party to town
Smiles on our face, we spill from this place
 letting the children set the pace
We make a great noise, disregard poise
 and giggle at all our conduct annoys
The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker
 will never again be our heartbreaker
Love is no longer tied to a thought
 or seen as something that must be sought
Love is what we’re never without
 regardless of all we’re bitching about
So I hope these words in part convey

Good God! I forgot what I started to say!!!

Ah Love

Love is
IS-ing me

I am loving
the taste and wonder
of the loving

In the loving
all tastes
are tastes of loving

spins and swoons
as love rushes
into and out of

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