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A multi-venue channel for commentary, dialogue and inquiry with A. H. Almaas, founder of the Diamond Approach to Self-realization.

In the Diamond Approach, true identity is referred to as the point of existence as it is this point that gives existence to all elements of a human life. Thus, points of interest expresses the where, what, when of dialectic interaction between two points of existence.

spiritual spirituality

Spiritual Spirituality

Spiritual, Emotional & Psychological Health The view we take, which happens to be the view of the major traditional spiritual teachings, is that spiritual attainment has many levels, and that psychological health improves with the deepening of this attainment. The latter will be the integration of one’s spiritual attainment in one’s life, an important dimension of spiritual maturity. Therefore, spiritual attainment might coexist with neurosis; however, spiritual attainment that does not heal one’s psyche is incomplete, or imbalanced. – The Inner Journey Home, Notes Spiritual Self We can define “spiritual” more precisely at this point. The spiritual dimension of the self is its ontological presence, its essential nature. In fact, what we have termed Essence is what the various philosophies,

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Diamond Approach Perspective Work

Perspective of the Work (Diamond Approach)

A. H. Almaas – 6/21/1981 I want to give a perspective that somehow delineates, not that this Work (the Diamond Approach) is available and useful, but to delineate its nature and how it is different from other kinds of Work.   What does this mean?  That’s the part that is really difficult to see, because many of you have never been involved with other kinds of Work.   Many of you have never really done any deep work in essential development or deep work in a psychological sense.  So it’s hard to get a perspective when you have nothing there to compare it with.  I think that by having a perspective of what’s available here, how it is different or similar to

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harmony three centers

Harmony of Centers

Three elements needed for the process of understanding To be able to turn away from something, to turn away from a certain experience, a certain sort of image, your identity needs to be at a deeper level than that self-image in that moment. You cannot turn away or disidentify from something if you happen to be identified with something that is more superficial than what you’re intending to disidentify from. This post is an excerpt from a teaching by A. H. Almaas in July of 1983 So, if you are identified with a certain self-image, and then there’s a feeling that arises and you find yourself unable to turn away from it, it might be because it is at a

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liberated heart

The Liberated Heart

In this teaching from 1986, A. H. Almaas discusses the Liberated Heart. Some of the points discussed are: The capacity to feel and to feel freely Reactivity versus feeling Higher emotional center versus lower emotional center Higher emotional center expresses the qualities of essence bringing out the aesthetics of the present moment The barrier to the operation of the true heart can be viewed from two perspectives – phenomenological and psychological Both boil down to the issue of attachment What are the roots of attachment? Ego is attachment When appreciation is continuous, the higher emotional center is operating If you are attached, the you don’t want to see the relationship as it is objctively The conceptual mind splits experience into

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Chesed grace Geburah effort

The Interplay of Grace and Effort on a Nondual Path

The Paradox of Grace and Effort (This teaching was first presented in 5/29/1993 to students of the Ridhwan School) In working with the question of impeccability in terms of doing this Work, the Diamond Approach, I will bring in a paradox related to impeccability by working with polarity. The more you learn about impeccability and learn to be impeccable, the more you will be able to be impeccable in the Work. There’s a danger of us coming to believe that what happens in our work is the result of our efforts and actions. This brings in the paradox. The way that I will work with it is with the perspective of Chesed and Geburah, usually translated as mercy and severity,

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Love Unveiled with A.H. Almaas

[FREE Recording]: Love Unveiled with A.H. Almaas

Download the Video A.H. Almaas (Hameed Ali) Diamond Approach co-founder leads a short, heart focused meditation then discusses three aspects of love from his latest book Love Unveiled. The three aspects of love are personal love, connected love, and passionate love. After the talk, Hameed takes question and comments from participants. This event was recorded on June 13, 2020 and held on Zoom, YouTube Livestream and Facebook Live. Over 800 people joined the live event from United States, Australia, New Zealand and many other locations across the world. Love Unveiled can be purchased online at various book publishers. If you purchase through Shambhala Publications before the end of June 2020, you can use coupon code Unveiled30 for a discount. This

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We are all human beings, and we all have the same precious spirit. And we all deserve the same rights, the same freedom, and the same safety.

Statement from Hameed Ali About Our Current Turbulent Times

We were just about to come out of the coronavirus pandemic when racism and cruelty took us to another dimension of challenges. The cruel and heartless killing of George Floyd is both appalling and the latest of many events like it that are the symptom of a larger issue in our country, the USA. Many are going out protesting not just this heart-wrenching event but the system of justice and police enforcement that have made it possible, and the widespread racism that still remains in the larger culture. It is good to see that there are so many who are channeling their outrage into courageous yet peaceful protests with a unified voice demanding substantial, real change. This country needs real

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Coronavirus and the Diamond Approach

What if you could build your own internal sanctuary amidst the crumbling world structures?

Watch Coronavirus and the Diamond Approach with A.H. Almaas and Share Your Experience Download the Video Meditate with Diamond Approach founder A.H. Almaas (pen name for Hameed Ali) and listen as he talks about the global coronavirus pandemic and discusses the relevance of the Diamond Approach teaching to the current world situation. After the talk, he dialogues with nine participants. This event was recorded on April 11, 2020 and held on Zoom, YouTube Livestream and Facebook Live. Over 1,800 people joined the live event from over 20 different countries including the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, Mexico, Sweden, United Kingdom, India, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, Portugal, Italy, Romania, and Brazil. Show Notes 0:00 – 3:00 Welcome with Amelia (Zoom Host)

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Love Beloved Heart

Love Beloved Heart

Without that meeting with the Guest, without that intimate familiarity with the Beloved, we are fundamentally, ontologically, existentially alone. We are separated from our Beloved. We use the name “our Beloved” because our heart will not feel completely happy, delighted, fulfilled, contented, and rested until it meets with the true object of the heart, the true love of our soul’s heart.  We make so many things more important without understanding what is most central to our well-being. What does it matter what we do in our life? What does it matter if I go here or go there? Or if I have this possession or I don’t have it? If I’m in this situation or that situation? Whether somebody likes

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Soul Stream of Consciousness

Buddhism and the Soul: Part 4

Soul is a stream of consciousness We need to hold different views simultaneously to have a more thorough understanding of individual consciousness. We need to hold the nondual or unitive view, but we also need to hold the individual view, and possibly more views. In the Diamond Approach, we have a quite detailed understanding of the individual consciousness. I refer to it as soul, but there is the recognition that it is not an individual entity, but rather a stream of consciousness, a flow of experience. There is no claim that the Diamond Approach has a complete understanding of individual consciousness, rather there is the recognition that many teachings have a good understanding sufficient for the particular teaching. Each teaching

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