Krishnamurti: His Experience

A. H. Almaas Lecture Series: Krishnamurti: His Experience

In the case of Krishnamurti, the teachings of this 20th-century spiritual master can’t be truly understood without understanding the man and his inner transformation.

Krishnamurti did not bring up his personal experience while teaching, yet his life was a highly unusual one. Adopted as a youth by Annie Besant (of the Theosophical Society), as an adult he kept no home but chose to travel and lecture, producing a vast body of work. Anyone with the good fortune to hear him talk toward the end of his life, when he was suffering from pancreatic cancer, could see the amazing and lively intelligence, the vital energy and clarity of mind, the dynamic, robust presence of the man himself.

In this lecture, Almaas explored Krishnamurti’s inner experience, including the headache that lasted most of his life, and the possible reasons for it.

Main Lecture Points

  1. Vastness
  2. Immensity
  3. Qualities
  4. The Otherness
  5. Krishnamurti’s Process
  6. Understanding K’s Process
  7. Efficacy of K’s Teaching
  8. Krishnamurti’s Gift

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