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February - June 2024​

Learn how to liberate your social, sexual and survival instincts in this groundbreaking course taught by A.H. Almaas and Karen Johnson.

Diamond Inquiry™ Online Groups

Deepen your inquiry practice with the support of a small group and ordained Diamond Approach teacher.

Keys to the Enneagram

Learn how to unlock the 9 spiritual gifts of the Enneagram in this online course with Russ Hudson and Sandra Maitri based on A.H. Almaas’ book Keys to the Enneagram.

Free Talks & Teachings

Realization in the Rough

Join Diamond Approach founders A.H. Almaas and Karen Johnson for this free webinar to learn how working with your social, sexual and survival instincts can enhance your spiritual life. 

Luminous Heart

Awakening to Your Loving Nature

Watch this free talk as A.H. Almaas and Zarina Maiwandi guide us in exploring what love really is and how we can bring more of it into the world.

What is a Modern-Day Spiritual Path?

Join Diamond Approach founder, A.H. Almaas, for this free talk exploring spirituality in modern times.

Nondual Love

A. H. Almaas shares about his inspiration for the book and his teachings of Nondual Love, the second book on the topic of love in a three-part series on the topic of love.

Love Unveiled

A.H. Almaas (Hameed Ali) talks about his latest book Love Unveiled.

The True Spirit of the Enneagram

Join Enneagram experts, Russ Hudson and Sandra Maitri, for this free talk as they discuss a revolutionary new view on the true spiritual potential of the Enneagram.

The Awakened Body

Watch Diamond Approach co-founder, Karen Johnson, in this free talk exploring the role of the body on the spiritual journey.

Five Public Talks

A.H. Almaas explored five major spiritual teachers and traditions and their contributions to spirituality, including: Nisargadatta, Krishnamurti, Advaita Vedanta, Dzogchen, and Dogen.

Public Talk

Riveting interviewer and founder of Sounds True, Tami Simon, asks the tough questions about the Diamond Path of Diamond Approach founder A.H. Almaas and teacher Zarina Maiwandi.

Public Talk

Karen Johnson talks about the interplay of spiritual presence and the mind, and the integration of knowledge into realization.

Public Talk

Karen Johnson talks about returning to a new normal during the coronavirus pandemic and how our divine heart can illuminate the way forward.

Public Teaching

Forgiveness Heals the Heart

Anger, hurt, and even vengeful feelings can arise when looking at regrets or grudges, In this talk, we explore how forgiveness sets your heart free and also liberates others.

On Demand

Lightness of Being

Discover the truth of who and what you are through the foundational teachings of the Diamond Approach.

Spirituality in a Fractured World

A 10-week online journey to help you reconcile with the world’s discord and return to wholeness.

Diamond Body Practice

Discover the gifts of embodiment through sacred movement practice.

Wisdom of Life & Death

Explore the spiritual, psychological, and physical aspects of the death of the ego as well as the body.

Spiritual Wisdom of the Body

A 6-part series learning how to heal the divide between spirituality and the body.

Our Sacred Body

Spiritual Wisdom of the Body Part 1

Understand the importance of your body on the spiritual journey.

Trauma & Spirituality

Spiritual Wisdom of the Body Part 2

Realize there is more to you than your traumatic history.

Love & Our Body

Spiritual Wisdom of the Body Part 3

Discover how love can help us reclaim our bodies.

Living Presence

Spiritual Wisdom of the Body Part 4

Unlock your body’s potential to express the gifts of spirit in everyday life.

Adventures in Embodied Inquiry

Spiritual Wisdom of the Body Part 5

Explore tools for living a truly embodied life.

Living with Wisdom Series

Many spiritual traditions view our minds as obstacles on the inner journey. The Diamond Approach, however, teaches us how to use our true mind to free us from the limitations of our conditioning and awaken us to the timeless truth of who and what we are.

Clearing the Way

Living with Wisdom Series Part 1

In this program we explore our inner critic, learning how to recognize it and loosen its hold on our daily lives so we can experience greater freedom and a clearer mind for true wisdom to arise.

Awakening in Everyday Experience

Living with Wisdom Series Part 2

Learn how our everyday experience is actually a doorway to our potential to be more awake, fulfilled, and authentic in the way we relate to the world and to ourselves.

Mind as Ally on the Path

Living with Wisdom Series Part 3

Discover how our minds are necessary on the journey toward realization and enlightenment and can actually become a powerful ally that helps free us from unnecessary suffering.

Walking the Diamond Path

Join us on a journey of becoming a free human being.

The Magnetic Force of Love

Walking the Diamond Path Series Part 1

Join us in an exploration of the ideas, beliefs, and emotional debris that stand in the way of experiencing a deeper kind of love that is available to all human beings.

Radical Acceptance

Walking the Diamond Path Series Part 2

Join us in an exploration of what acceptance really is, what our usual modes of avoiding certain experiences looks like, and how being right where we are is the key to liberation.


Walking the Diamond Path Series Part 3

Join us in discovering how presence can take us on a rich journey of becoming our true selves, and how it has the power to impact not only our lives, but the world around us.

Entering Your Experience

The most effective way to disarm resistance on the path is to embrace the natural defenses that have served us. Learn this method for coming closer to the truth of who we are.

Divine Heart of Humanity

Spirituality in Daily Life

Learn 3 ways to apply the alchemy of love in challenging times.

Indestructible Self Esteem

Experience an unshakable, indestructible self-esteem that is based inside of you, not on the material world or external conditions.

Essence of Love

Understand and move through your personal blocks to love and open the potential for love within you.

Passion and the Path

Shift from a “fix-it” mindset to one of passionate self-discovery.

Discover Your Truth

Through Diamond Inquiry

An online course with Dom Liber

Introduction to the Diamond Approach

An online course with A. H. Almaas, Jeanne Rosenblum, Zarina Maiwandi and Rob Merkx

Soul Without Shame

Exploring the nature of self-judgment

An online course with Byron Brown

Life Transitions

Doorways to Transformation

An online course with John Davis

The Spiritual Dimension of the Enneagram

An online course with Sandra Maitri

Endless Enlightenment

The view of totality in the Diamond Approach

An online course with A. H. Almaas

On Being Human

Exploring the essence of our humanity

An online course with Bob Ball and Jeanine Mamary

Technology and Awakening

An online course with A. H. Almaas and Karen Johnson

Academy Course for Ridhwan School Students

Our Unique Path

The Foundational Practices of the Diamond Approach

An online course with Sandra Maitri

The Diamond Approach

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