[FREE Recording]: Illuminated Mind: The Beacon of Wisdom with Karen Johnson

Explore the wisdom and gifts of the Illuminated Mind: The Beacon of Wisdom with Diamond Approach co-founder Karen Johnson. Listen as she talks about why the mind not only presents challenges on the spiritual path, but is also the source of many gifts that illuminate true nature.

Our mind’s capacity for discriminating differences allows us to know our experience intimately leading to more, and more spiritual revelation and worldly expression.

This Zoom event was recorded live on January 30, 2021. Over 900 people joined the live event from The United States, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom, Portugal, France and the Netherlands.

Show Notes

0:00 - 1:24

Welcome with Amelia (Zoom Host)

1:24 - 5:38

Welcome and Meditation with Karen Johnson

5:38 - 43:14

Karen Talk: Illuminated Mind: The Beacon of Wisdom

43:14 – 44:24

Intro to questions and comments with Amelia (Zoom Host)

44:24 – 57:05

Question: “My nervous system is kicking off as I click to talk. It is a pattern I do not fully understand and it throws me off in the fluidity of my expression.”

57:05 – 1:05:04

Question: “I was curious about the relationship of patriarchy and the cycle you have been talking about. But when I say patriarchy, I mean the habit that many of us have to give our authority away or others of being arrogant or devaluing, as the other side of that.”

1:05:04 – 1:11:39

Comment: “My body and soul have been opening up to the sheer joy and majesty of the presence and I felt this all morning and feel some of it now where the body and soul becomes the organ for sensing and revelation. With that, came the articulation of the experience and as I have experienced this on off and on today and still now, I am getting the opening of my false self in a way that is known.”

1:11:39 – 1:19:23

Question: “My feeling is that I would love an illuminated mind and greater clarify but I have associations with the mind and stress and this leads me to focus on the body.”

1:19:23 – 1:23:07

Closing Ideas with Karen Johnson

1:23:07 - END

Closing Comments with Amelia (Zoom Host)

In what ways big or small have you experienced and illuminated mind today?

Share your thoughts, comments and experiences below.

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