“The portal is there for every human being to open…”

Jeanne Rosenblum, Diamond Approach Teacher

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Multiple learning approaches, interactive exercises, and engagement with participants from around the world make the experience rich, deep, and lasting.

Walking the Diamond Path


New Online Diamond Heart Group
For the very first time, A. H. Almaas (Hameed Ali), Karen Johnson, Zarina Maiwandi, and Christof Bosch will be teaching a Diamond Heart group completely online.

Lightness of Being


Registration now open
A 6-part Exploration of the Lataif

Stillness of Being: The Black Latifa

July 10-11, 2021

Lightness of Being Series Part 5
Explore the bridge to that eternally still and peaceful place: The black latifa. It’s not just the absence of fear, self-doubt, animosity, turmoil, and the cacophony of our human existence. It is a living presence of silence that is our birthright and an aspect of our spiritual nature.

May – August 2021

Registration now open
Deepen your inquiry practice with the support of a small group and ordained Diamond Approach teacher.

Diamond Approach Online is a program of the Diamond Net

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