“The portal is there for every human being to open…”

Jeanne Rosenblum, Diamond Approach Teacher

Discover the Path and the Practices of the Diamond Approach® Online

Learn the Diamond Approach from experienced, authorized Diamond Approach teachers through online courses and live events.

Multiple learning approaches, interactive exercises, and engagement with participants from around the world make the experience rich, deep, and lasting.

Instinctual Alchemy

Free Webinar: Sept 22

Join us for a critical, timely, and new teaching on the powerful synergy between body, instincts, and spirituality that allows us to be more authentically available to life in the modern world.

Embodying the Divine Animal

Oct-Dec 2024

Partner with your body to discover the true nature of your instincts and learn to embody the rich inner resources that lie dormant within you.

Realization in the Rough​

Join Diamond Approach founders, A.H. Almaas and Karen Johnson, for this free webinar to learn how working with your social, sexual and survival instincts can enhance your spiritual life. 

What is a Modern-Day Spiritual Path?

Join Diamond Approach founder, A.H. Almaas, for this free talk exploring spirituality in modern times.

Lightness of Being

Discover the truth of who and what you are through the foundational teachings of the Diamond Approach.

Wisdom of Life & Death

Explore the spiritual, psychological, and physical aspects of the death of the ego as well as the body.

Diamond Inquiry™ Online Groups

Deepen your inquiry practice with the support of a small group and ordained Diamond Approach teacher.

The Diamond Approach

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