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Instinctual Alchemy

Embodied Spirituality in Turbulent Times

Sunday, September 22, 2024

10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. Pacific ​

Embodying Animal and Angel

Today, we live in evocative times – where the turmoil of the world can bring us further away from ourselves and one another or provide a powerful opportunity for spiritual development and maturation. For those of us on the inner journey, how do we orient all of ourselves—including our bodies, animal instincts, and spiritual nature—to the challenges of the world as a crucible for transformation?  

Rather than a portal to the divine, the body has historically been associated with the animalistic temptations, challenges, and imbalances of human existence. Despite our sincere intentions to cultivate harmony and wholeness, our bodies’ fundamental wiring, our nervous system, can be overtaken by powerful primal impulses—especially in today’s chaotic and conflictual world. Given this set up, it’s no wonder the body and spirit are typically seen as separate and at odds.  

We need all of ourselves to meet these tumultuous times in wise and loving ways, but we might have learned to fear our own aliveness, repress our instincts, mistrust our bodies, and thereby limit our most integrated and authentic way of being in the world. 

We might wonder, Is it even possible that my body, my spiritual nature, and my instincts can be one expression of all that is good? 

Join us for a free webinar on September 22 for a body-centric exploration of how working with your social, sexual, and survival instincts can catalyze a kind of instinctual alchemy — where your deepest nature can be experienced and expressed in your physicality making you more authentically available to life. Jessica Britt and Linda Krier, long-time Diamond Approach teachers specializing in how consciousness is expressed through the body, will share with us how to engage this profound inquiry into the full-bodied-ness of your spiritual nature. We look forward to seeing you there. 

In this free webinar you’ll discover...

  • A critical, timely, and new teaching on the powerful synergy between body, instincts, and spirituality
  • Why working from and with the body is so important for true spiritual maturity  
  • How our bodies can be a location of support and spiritual alchemy during times of stress, fear, and challenge 
  • Ways our bodies primal impulses can be harmonized towards balance and integrity in today’s tumultuous reality 
  • How sensing into instinctual patterns as they unfold within our bodies can open us to new perspectives and responses in daily life

“This process of instinctual alchemy isn't just about spiritualization of matter; it's about the matterization of spirit—the alchemical fusion of body and soul into a single, radiant expression of divine consciousness.”

What You’ll Receive When You Enroll...

An invitation to the FREE, Live, 90-minute online talk led by Linda Krier and Jessica Britt that takes place on Sunday, September 22nd from 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. Pacific.

The opportunity to participate in interactive questions and comments with the teachers and a group of fellow spiritual explorers.

A recording of the event so you can review the material if you are unable to attend live.

Meet Your Teachers

Linda Krier

Linda Krier

Linda Krier has followed her passion for understanding the body as a form of spiritual consciousness as a teacher of the Diamond Approach since 1983, and as an Aston-Patterning bodywork practitioner since 1976.  She created the Diamond Body Practice, a movement practice that arises from the logos of the Diamond Approach and supports students in engaging the sacred wisdom of their body. As a Diamond Approach teacher Linda works with individuals and groups in the US and internationally, and is on the training staff of the Ridhwan Foundation.   She is a former faculty member of the Aston Training Center and adjunct faculty of Somatic Psychology at Naropa University. 

Jessica Britt

Jessica Britt

Jessica Britt has been a student of Hameed Ali’s since 1977 and a Diamond Approach teacher since 1985. She is a training director, leading on-going groups in Europe, Canada, and the US. In the ’80s she was on the Gestalt staff of Esalen Institute creating an integration of Reichian and Gestalt work. While at Esalen, she was a student within the Native American Traditions, leading wilderness journeys. In addition, she studied Continuum Movement with Emilie Conrad. A nurse in the ’70s, she specialized in the field of childhood sexual & physical abuse. Jessica continues to practice from a view that includes the whole of the miracle of conscious life.


What is the Ridhwan School?

“Ridhwan” is a Sufi word. It means “satisfied and satisfying.” Our school, home to more than 4,000 students across the globe, has the potential to both help you to be fulfilled and to help others be fulfilled. Students learn to ground, sensitize, recognize, and trust the inherent guidance of Being.

What is the Diamond Approach?

The Diamond Approach is the core teaching of the Ridhwan School, a spiritual path that approaches our ordinary experiences, emotions, and sensations in a friendly way of understanding. This radical acceptance of our situation allows something to come through that puts us in touch with our spirituality.

In the Diamond Approach, everything we experience is utilized as a doorway to our spiritual nature. Rather than negating or seeking to transcend parts of our humanness that are considered barriers to realization, we learn to approach each aspect of our physical, emotional, and mental experience with acceptance and open curiosity to discover its truth. We do meditation and other exercises, but the main method is Diamond Inquiry™: non-judgment of what we’re experiencing, which brings crisp clarity into one’s own truth.

What’s included in my registration?

Your registration includes access to this free, live 90-minute webinar where you’ll hear a talk and have the opportunity to interact with the teachers during the questions and comments period.  

Is the session live or pre-recorded?

This is a live, online webinar. You will also receive access to a recording of the webinar if you are unable to attend live. 

What if I have questions?

We’re here to support you on your journey and help with any questions you may have about enrollment and accessing the event. For support please email Be sure to add this address to your contact list so we don’t end up in your Junk/Spam/Promotions folder. But please check there just in case!


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