Realization in the Rough

Enjoy this free video recording of our January 28th, 2024 webinar with Diamond Approach founders A.H. Almaas and Karen Johnson for a fresh outlook on how the powerful and polarizing forces within and around us can be transformed into fuel for the spiritual journey

In this talk you’ll discover…

  • What the social, sexual, and survival instincts are and how they show up in your direct experience 
  • Why the instincts become distorted in individuals and destructive in society  
  • How understanding the instincts can support living in the world as a fully embodied spiritual being
  • What this perspective teaches us about the human species and our evolutionary potential

Explore More with A.H. Almaas in the Online Course

Escalating conflict, an epidemic of disconnection, global instability—everywhere we look we see the unconscious expression of our primal animal instincts playing out in harmful, distorted ways. 

But what if this intensity contains the exact energy we need to fuel our inner journey and collective evolution?

In response to this question, Diamond Approach founders, A. H. Almaas and Karen Johnson, have chosen to offer this course to the public for the very first time. Learn more about the course and how to engage your primal power as a pathway to realization in Human Instincts on the Inner Journey.

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