The True Spirit of the Enneagram

In this talk, Enneagram thought-leaders, Russ Hudson and Sandra Maitri, explore a radical, new view of the Enneagram – that by understanding the deeper spiritual qualities each Enneatype is attempting to express, we can unlock the gift in each type, transform fixations, and access a powerful tool for spiritual awakening. 

Listen as they discuss how the sacred system of the Enneagram can open us up to the true capacities of our souls and transform our lives. You can also download a transcript of this talk.

Over 1500 people from all over the world joined the live Zoom event on August 27, 2022.  The recording includes a bonus teaching from A. H. Almaas on the spiritual gift of each Enneatype.

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In this 11-module course, Russ Hudson and Sandra Maitri synthesize decades of Enneagram knowledge and teaching experience with a lifetime of Diamond Approach spiritual development and methodology to help us reconnect to our essential being through the Enneagram.

Russ and Sandra will illuminate the approach presented in A.H. Almaas’s  book Keys to the Enneagram, in which he presents a radical new take on the Enneagram: that each of the Enneatypes mirrors and emulates a particular quality of presence, and how we can use inquiry and other practices to open up our typologies and be liberated from their limitations.

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