The True Spirit of the Enneagram

In this talk, Enneagram thought-leaders, Russ Hudson and Sandra Maitri, explore a radical, new view of the Enneagram – that by understanding the deeper spiritual qualities each Enneatype is attempting to express, we can unlock the gift in each type, transform fixations, and access a powerful tool for spiritual awakening. 

Listen as they discuss how the sacred system of the Enneagram can open us up to the true capacities of our souls and transform our lives. You can also download a transcript of this talk.

Over 1500 people from all over the world joined the live Zoom event on August 27, 2022.  The recording includes a bonus teaching from A. H. Almaas on the spiritual gift of each Enneatype.

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There is still time to join the Keys to the Enneagram course, but space is limited and we expect to sell out. The next weekend happens November 5-6 where we’ll continue our exploration of the different Enneatypes and the keys to unlocking each one. We hope you can join this amazing community as we journey with Russ and Sandra into the heart of the Enneagram.

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Share Your Thoughts and Experiences Below

What has been the role of the Enneagram on your spiritual journey?

Have you recognized any of the spiritual gifts in your own experience?

What questions arose for you in response the talk?

5 thoughts on “The True Spirit of the Enneagram”

  1. Hi,

    Thank-you for this introductory talk – very helpful. I would like to sign up but I know I won’t be able to personally attend most Saturday sessions. I will watch the replay and do the practices. Is it still OK to sign p if I will miss many in-person classes?


  2. After watching Sandra and Russ talk, Ive felt much more aware and even more relaxed within. After my stroke last November, It hought i’d been abandoned, not knowing which way to turn. I might have died but I didn’t.Why not? And now what am I supposed to do with myself? I have a swallowing problem, I can’t stand unassisted. My left leg and arm/hand don”t work.Why did this happen.? Just a few days earlier I was a healthy active person living alone, driving, caring for myself in every way, even regularly teaching breathing and movement to others.
    When Russ talked about ‘the fourth way, I experienced an instant realization with clarity of having been found. I had not been abandoned and it was really good that I hadn”t died during my stroke.
    I very much want to take this course and I will need to ask for a scholarship since I have lost my way of earning money to support myself.


  3. Same with me. Am very participating Unfortunately won’t be able to attend Saturdays mostly.
    Would my participation still make sense (watching replays, doing exercises on my own) ?

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