The Awakened Body

Explore a revolutionary view on embodiment in this talk, The Awakened Body: Opening to the Spiritual Wisdom of the Body with Diamond Approach co-founder, Karen Johnson. Listen as she describes how the physical and spiritual are inseparable and how to embody our being in ways that allow our spiritual nature to function through this fleshy medium.

The reality of our body can be investigated and recognized for what it truly is – not just an object we experience consciousness through, but that our body IS consciousness itself.

This Zoom event was recorded live on January 29, 2022. Over 1000 people joined the live event from The United States, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom, Portugal, France and the Netherlands

Show Notes

0:00 - 1:35

Welcome with Daniela (Zoom Host)

1:35 - 9:48

Welcome and Meditation with Karen Johnson

9:48 - 46:18

Karen Talk: The Awakened Body

46:18 – 47:04

Intro to questions and comments with Daniela (Zoom Host)

47:04 – 51:52

Question: “Is consciousness only good? Or can it be angry?”

51:52 – 58:44

Question: “Does something live on when the body dies?”

58:44 – 1:01:35

Comment: “It seems that the heart is the doorway to opening the body.”

1:01:35 – 1:09:34

Question: “How to I work with the pain in my body and heart when my sister is suffering physically?”

1:09:34 – 1:15:52

Question: “Is the body the unconscious? Are there universal meanings to different parts of the body?”

1:15:52 – 1:24:36

Question: “What does it mean when the body does strange sudden movements? How do you work with it?”

1:24:36 – 1:26:28

Karen describes the importance of the topics in Spiritual Wisdom of the Body series.

1:26:28 – 1:31:46

Question: “How do I help my clients if they can’t feel their bodies?”

1:31:46 – 1:37:28

Question: “How do you define presence?”

1:37:28 – 1:38:11

Karen’s closing comments.

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What has been the role of your body on your spiritual journey?

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