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Course Overview

We often think of enlightenment as the ultimate destination on the spiritual journey—a final endpoint for delusion and suffering where it all makes perfect sense.

But as A. H. Almaas teaches, “the moment we see that the journey has no end, everything changes.”

With Endless Enlightenment, you are invited to join the renowned author and creator of the Diamond Approach for an online course on what he considers one of the most advanced aspects of his teaching: the view of totality.

“To know the totality of our experience, we need to have an inquisitive awareness—a curious awareness that is not intended to change or improve our experience, to alter it in any way, or to compare it to any other experience.”

Over the course of eight sessions—including two Q&A sessions previously recorded live with A. H. Almaas—you will join this visionary guide as he shares a nonhierarchical perspective that he believes can exponentially expand our ability to appreciate the value of each and every spiritual path and practice.

Endless Enlightenment will illuminate

  • The surprising relationship between practice, grace, and realization
  • How to integrate the wisdom of our greatest discoveries into our everyday lives
  • Love, compassion, kindness, and generosity as universal expressions of spiritual awakening
  • The nature of time and space, the role of individual consciousness, the paradox of nondoing, and the mystery of emptiness

This online course includes:

  • Six self-paced, pre-recorded teaching videos, approximately 1 hour in length each
  • Two self-paced, pre-recorded Q&A videos with A. H. Almaas, approximately 1 hour in length each
  • Exercises that will help you explore the content in your own life


The course is appropriate for those engaged with the Diamond Approach, as well as those new to this work.

If you have any questions, requests, or comments about registration, please send an email to our support team.

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