20/20 Heart Sight with Karen Johnson

Meditate with Diamond Approach co-founder Karen Johnson and listen as she talks about returning to a new normal during the coronavirus pandemic and how our divine heart can illuminate the way forward.

During the coronavirus pandemic, so many of us are looking at all the ways we’ve had regrets and questioning what is valuable in our lives. In the United States there is a phrase “20/20 hindsight”. This phrase implies that we are able to see things clearly after they have happened.

The process of reevaluation can open up the desire and courage to venture more deeply inward and touch the source of our shared essential humanity.

This process is what Karen calls 20/20 Heart Sight.

This event was recorded live on May 9, 2020 and held on Zoom, YouTube Livestream and Facebook Live. Over 1,000 people joined the live event from The United States, South Africa, Germany, Canada, Norway and the Netherlands.

Show Notes

0:00 - 2:48

Welcome with Amelia (Zoom Host)

2:48 - 10:02

Welcome and Meditation with Karen Johnson

10:20 - 43:51

Karen Talk: 20/20 Heart Sight

43:52 – 45:12

Intro to questions and comments with Amelia (Zoom Host)

45:20 – 53:50

Trauma has come up from my very early childhood during this time. I spent the last five days crying yet at the same time I feel very open. How long can I cry?

54:01 – 57:37

Is the Diamond Approach an amalgamation of the different traditions?

58:42 – 1:07:00

Different people have different ideas about things. How do I remain open?

1:07 – 1:14:00

There is excitement in the heart and also some kind of pressure. I’m not sure what it is about. I would like to find out.

1:14:00 – 1:26:00

You say the heart is the center of the practice. I love the practice so dearly, but for me I feel so lost when you say that.

1:26:00 – 1:28:00

Closing Ideas with Karen Johnson

1:28:00 – 1:30:00

Call to action: Reflection at the end of the day: in what ways big or small have you contributed to the heart of humanity?

1:31:00 - END

Closing Comments with Amelia (Zoom Host)

In what ways big or small have you contributed to the heart of humanity today?

Share your thoughts, comments and experiences below.

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