Our Inner Core is not Touched by the Accidents of Time

Our Inner Core is not Touched by the Accidents of Time

Social distancing is critical for our health but that doesn’t mean we need to distance ourselves from what we know about essence and true nature. This is a time for closer connection to what is real and what the world needs.

“We live in the present situation guided by true inner conscience, where we conduct ourselves not only to safeguard our health and inner realization, but and to help each other and the global community in its effort to minimize the severity of the crisis. We are in it all together, but remember that our inner core is not touched by the accidents of time.” – A.H. Almaas

In what ways have you seen the teaching impact you in these trying times? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Related Book Quotes:

The aspect of the Citadel provides guidance for how to live one’s life according to the Truth of Being. It is referred to as “objective conscience,” for it is like the conscience of Essence. It gives one support and protection, i.e., is present and available, only when one is living according to the Truth of Essence. In other words, its presence (realization) is equivalent to living according to the laws of Being.

The Pearl Beyond Price: Integration of Personality into Being: An Object Relations Approach ch. 31

To live in the world and to know yourself, you have to take both worlds into consideration: reality and the appearance of reality. When you believe only the apparent world, you create all kinds of ideas about how things should happen. Sickness comes and you push it away; health comes and you hold on to it. Misery comes, you try to push it away; happiness comes and you try to hold on to it, and you increase your suffering even more.

Diamond Heart Book Four: Indestructible Innocence ch. 10
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