The Truth Prevails Over Office Politics

What is the truth? What does it mean to tell the truth?

With these questions, we begin to explore our work, our relationships, and our behavior in terms of whether they reflect truth or not. The question of telling the truth came to a head as Diamond Approach Teacher Prakash MacKay considered the consequences of telling the truth: speak up for right action or lose his job.

How does one find the courage to stand up and speak the truth?

Have you been faced with a situation that put you at odds with the truth? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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The Citadel gives one a sense of solidity and support, with no grandiose ideas. One is clearly aware that it is an Essential Presence, and not a physical or mental power, that it is a support for Being and not for ego. 

Excerpt from the book: Pearl Beyond Price

Personal Will and the Divine Will are two distinct aspects of essence at the beginning. First the individual needs to realize his personal will which is an actual, pure aspect of essence. Only then can he surrender or align his personal will to the divine will. Until then, he has no will to surrender.

Excerpt from the book: Essence with the Elixir of Enlightenment

When Universal Will is present the feeling is that one’s Personal Will is supported by a bigger, more immense and more universal presence.

Excerpt from the book: Pearl Beyond Price

Truth is really more the realm of the heart than the realm of the mind. When you discover the truth aspect of Essence, you find it is a heart quality.

Excerpt from the book: Diamond Heart Book One

At its heart, living the truth is a matter of Integrity and respect—for oneself, for others, and for truth itself.

Excerpt from the book: Spacecruiser Inquiry

42 thoughts on “The Truth Prevails Over Office Politics”

  1. A Republican campaign advisor was paid to publish stuff on social media with just one ultimate objective. He said the “truth didn’t necessarily matter.” He said that his job was to publish stuff that would help make angry people even more angry. I heard him say this 2 nights ago on television channel MSNBC.

    It should a headline on national television FOR DAYS AND DAYS that someone was paid – not to inform the voting public – but to “stir people up” .. and to make them angry. Republicans can’t WIN with the “truth”. They know this.
    CHAOS, division, and separation work for them. LIES work for them. Truth is the enemy of their re-election.
    Many people refuse to see this. Many people LOVE being angry . And so we have an information media that caters to this … and NOT to truth. Television networks get rich from all this anger and hatred. They know it.


      How is this post different? It’s polarizing on the other end. I imagine this country would not have gotten off the ground if Thomas Paine, Ethan Allen, Ben Franklin and all the others had decided to remain anonymous while crying tyranny.

    2. It sounds like you are also angry, not just “many [other] people.” Your positions about other people’s failings are not the truth either.

  2. I love it that the email brings in (at least tangentially) what is going on in U.S. politics right now. I know the Diamond Approach tries not to be political, but in these times, one party has completely abdicated any shred of integrity and honesty.

    I went to a rally last night and felt a profound sense of disappointment at the small crowd. Why aren’t we all taking to the streets and demanding that Trump resign? I feel like we are seeing our democracy crumble before our eyes and very few are doing anything to stop it.

    Personally, I felt disconnected to the Citadel, and I wonder if what I was feeling was more global to what is going on in the U.S. The outrages are too numerous and flying at such a fast rate that it’s difficult to stay in an outraged place. I think many of us simply feel numbed by it all, stuck somewhere between shock and disbelief at what we see taking place before our eyes. Or else we are too consumed with our personal lives and content in our warm houses and full bellies to register much outrage.

    I seem to vacillate between despair and rage most of the time. Both are exhausting and draining to me. I’m also struggling with how much of my attention to put on this situation and how much to simply rest in True Nature, which has no preference and is only interested in what’s true, not what should be.

    That’s where I am right now. Thanks for sharing this video.

    Jared Howe
    Cascadia 3
    RISNG teacher in training

  3. Thanks Prakesh – this describes the joy I felt when sitting in a meeting with Jem Bendell articulating his truth. Everything in my body relaxed as he spoke. Finally the truth. Immensely relieving.

  4. Great discussion of the Citadel, but he crosses the line in projecting spiritual qualities onto an adolescent. It doesn’t require the presence of a wisdom vehicle for a teenager to express self-righteous indignation. In her speech, she predicts a “mass extinction” that is not supported by the facts. Hard to imagine that The Citadel would support “end of the world” prophesying.

      1. John: The Diamond Approach is a path of discrimination that distinguishes between false and true spiritual qualities. We would not point to Trump as an example of the grandeur of the Point (conflating that with the grandiosity of his apparent narcissism). Or, ISIS as an example of the power of the Black Latifah (rather than their apparent destructive hatred). As Charles here points out, Greta herself acknowledges her autism as a likely reason for her ability to speak out like she does. This means she is enabled by a rather extreme version of the schizoid shell, and to describe her as an “impeccable warrior” is false elevation. Diamond Approach teachers should be aware of their own bias and thus the tendency to see those who possess the “right” views as more spiritually advanced. Political correctness would be ignoring the distinction between essential qualities and personality issues in those who align with our political preferences. So it is Prakash that is being politically-correct, whereas I am interested in psychospiritual correctness. While Greta’s efforts are commendable and I hope they lead to positive results, it’s also possible (and appears to be the case) that her hyperbolic claims/style could also increase resistance and polarization for many.

        1. Regretable: I don’t know about psychospiritual correctness, but an orientation that has served me well over the years is – “the relative is a bridge to the real.” Everything in this world is a reflection of the real regardless of the degree of distortion.

          Whether we are talking about autism, co-dependency, OCD, general neurosis or anger issues – if we can peel through the layers of the cognitive, historical, neurological, biological and whatever other veils, we will find the real.

          This is not possible for many, in fact most, as it requires interest, motivation, and the capacity for self-reflection among others – as well as a fierce commitment to self-examination for the “normal person.”

          Given this, we could ask where does autism lead us? In the DA, we see a newborn as inhabiting primary autism – perception with little or no self-reflection and little or no development emotionally, psychologically, physically, etc.

          Are we to say that this undeveloped being has no access to true nature or that true nature is not manifesting its treasures through this organism and being to the degree possible?

          While her claims are hyperbolic to you, the future remains to be seen. They may well lead to and support more polarity as your response seems to demonstrate,

          I take no issue with her claims nor yours, whether they are logical or within some paradigm of norms. What I do know is that regardless of where any of us are with our history, beliefs, distortions and physical or psychological challenges – we are portals to true nature and true nature does not take issue with political or psychospiritual correctness.

          I leave it to Prakash to add his perspective.

    1. Regretable: The mass extinction IS supported by the facts, as are many “end of the world” scientific scenarios. These are very hard truths, and the no-talk rules of our culture put up immense fears and resistance to them. Whether Greta Thunberg is manifesting the Citadel or not is not really the point here. She certainly is speaking truth from a good-enough place, fearlessly, and she is a giant when she does so. She herself says that maybe the fact that she is on the autism spectrum allows her to speak out so readily. But she is doing right action from a place of truth, scientific truth as she repeatedly says. Scientists have been saying for many many decades that global warming threatens the entire biosphere. So thanks to Prakash for this message, and its clarification of the nature of the Citadel experience in everyday life.

      1. Hi Charles and Regretable,
        I have enjoyed the discussion that has ensued from my sharing. If you recall I had no idea what the presence that I was feeling at the moment , when it was imperative for me to speak the truth was, I was a new student of the Diamond Approach and it was only later that I was able to discriminate that this was the Wisdom Vehicle of the Citadel after receiving the teaching from my teachers, Morton & Deborah Letofsky..
        I feel that Greta is moved by the Spirit which seems to display certain manifestations that I associate with the Citadel, truth-telling, confrontation, determination, right action.
        As I was reflecting on how this relates to spiritual states and those experiencing them. I was reminded of a visit to Meher Baba’s Mandali when I was in India in 1989, I was introduced to a man called Mohammed who was one of the masts, that Meher Baba rescued from being lost in bliss and samadhi, he traveled the country to do this. I was told that Mohammed, during the Second World War, helped the souls of those who had died, to know that they were dead and to cross over. I have no idea about that, but what I did feel in his presence, was one of the most potent experiences of Boundless Love that I had ever felt. If Mohammed was in the West he would most probably have been diagnosed as autistic and yet this did not seem to block the powerful transmission of this very refined state of Love.

  5. Thank you for this talk, it spoke to me immediately. I had a similar experience at my workplace when I stood up for myself as a representative of a certain area of responsibility. I was very much afraid of this confrontation, because my colleagues kept undermining my instructions. I had prepared myself well for this and had sought personal support. When I started to talk, I somehow released myself from my body and had the feeling that I could see the whole scene – including myself – from outside. It was as if a good friend had stepped behind me and I was watching it happen through his eyes. I felt safe and secure. A short time later we had a retreat for Impersonal Witness and I knew then that I had not dissociated in any way. It was a great relief for me, because I could not discuss this with anyone before without being considered crazy.

    My question now is: How are Impersonal Witness, Presence, Divine Will and the Citadel connected. These distinctions sometimes confuse me.

    1. Hi Maggie,
      They are subtle discriminations as Hameed staes in the above quotation from ,”Essence”
      Personal Will and the Divine Will are two distinct aspects of essence at the beginning.. First the individual needs to realize his personal will which is an actual, pure aspect of essence. Only then can he surrender or align his personal will to the divine will. Until then, he has no will to surrender.
      Excerpt from the book: Essence with the Elixir of Enlightenment
      I have experienced the personal will as a descending presence which brings an ease, effortlessness and a sense of confidence, the universal will i experienced as an ascending presence that felt more boundless and even more dense than the personal will. The Citade,l, being a Diamond Vehicle, has an immensity that surpassed the previous experiences and had many facets and diamonds illuminating the wisdom of Right Action.

  6. I too am embroiled in this dilemma. Right action versus supporting a corrupt medical organization. I am settling in presence and doing my best to trust emergence, and to trust that true nature will support right view, right action and right speech, all in the name of patient care.

  7. Thank you Prakash.
    It is so comforting to know their are others who have risked their livelihood too to speak truth.
    I have risked & spoken truth first in the architectural business world where i lost all invested years to being ostracized. Very hard to do when you know you will be the SCAPEGOAT from that moment of truth and inevitably fired with loss of income before resigning.
    Apart from understanding why this type of dynamics happens I’ve always wondered how to respond correctly that may bring about a different outcome.
    This year (I am in the film industry now) I read the book 5 Types of People Who Can Ruin Your Life by Bill Eddy (2018). He is the first person I have come across to help me learn the right words & body language to use when responding to persons desiring self-gain via destructive lies and actions; especially bosses and their supervisors. I am so thankful this type of guidance is being put forth to the public so we may first become aware of the other’s subtle but specific toxic words, emotions and behavior and secondly, how to carefully apply truth to a sudden off guard situation without incurring damage to self. I hope more applicable wise guidance will be forthcoming.
    Kind Regards Pam Taylor

  8. I am thankful to the School for expressing something about the world around us, about the incredibly difficult and painful political situation those of us in the US (and everyone else as well) are in. The school needs to help us participate in the world. Believe in Allah and tie your camel to the post.

    1. Hi Ernest,
      Hopefully the inquiry that is opening in the online course,” Spirituality in a Fractured World” may offer a venue where this help can arise

  9. Wow! I so appreciate your sharing Prakash. And the Ridhwan portal for publishing it at this time. There are so many ways the truth is not being honored in the US. And there are ways that it IS being told and emerging from a deeper place like you spoke of with regard to the Citadel. Thank you!

  10. Speaking for and from my own experience, truth has been my lifeline from a very young age. Truth didn’t require courage, it gave me courage. It was the one thing my soul could rely upon. Citadel? But not as boundary, as a fortress of strength.

  11. Thank you, Prakash, for sharing this powerful moment <3. Your words reflect this energy of inner knowing that we all have, and which is all to often not listened to. I do not quite understand why it is linked here somehow to the president's acquittal ( which was expected ), or even linked to a kind of 'dramatic' situation like loosing your job, as it does not take a 'dramatic' situation to come forward. It can be heard in many daily, undramatic, situations, at the grocery check out when the cashier wants to pack your already wrapped in plastic items into yet another throw away plastic back, at the holiday seasons which we turned into 'overeating and buying more unnecessary stuff' seasons, at work, when we put someone off who may be struggling because we're too busy with our 'own stuff', all these little, apparently undramatic decisions may change when this inner voice, this inner knowing what's right, is simply heard. It is always there. And there is no "one president" or any group 'up there' that can keep each of us from doing right action..nor will any of them save our asses if we don't.
    Blessings and thank you, Virama

  12. I just became aware of that it was the citadel that finally helped me and gave me the will, courage and strength to tell the truth and surrender to a burnout and face the difficulties that arose.
    Now I have the time to listen to
    Spirituality in a fractured world, that touches my heart. I want to learn to be in the world and to become aware of the splitting in me. Which I could clearly see, when I heard my superego after the first exercise.
    Thank you

  13. Thank you Prakesh, very timely, and relevant in the world of so called instant access fake news. The “truth” in any given situation is so complex, that for me it takes huge effort to reach with any reliability or integrity. And surely the vast majority of humans don’t have this time or willingness? Another multi level “trust in God and tie up your camel” paradox?

  14. Thank you, Prakash, for relating your incident to the Citadel. My role in several organisations that I have worked for has become the whistle-blower, speaking truth to power, with even one ex-employer trying to get me into jail to hide what he’d done, despite my impeccability. And it’s interesting to watch world affairs from the perspective you describe. I’d not appreciated the Citadel aspect so thank you for your teaching.

  15. Thank you, Prakash. Your post really spoke to me.

    It also reminded me of the medical doctor in Wuhan, Li Wenliang, who already in December published online about the mysterious virus that started to make victims in his hospital, and would turn out to be the Corono virus.
    He was then rebuked by the authorities and had to make public apologies for ‘spreading false rumors’ and upsetting society. He died last night by the Corona virus.
    Now everyone has to acknowledge that he spoke the truth and it would have been wise to listen immediately.

  16. Thatnk you for this short Video. 4 years ago I didn`t share my truth in a very big project in my company. It felt like a virus in my brain not saying something. I learned from that and share my truth now. It feels so liberating and freeing, And yes, the universal will is with me in this situations. And some people start to listen, Maybe because of that strenght that is within. I`m grateful to be in contact with that force that truth brings in.

  17. Dear Prakash, I was delighted to see your name on my email from THE RIdhwan Foundation. Thank you so much for so elequently sharing your experience. I forwarded this to McEvan who will thoughtfully listen out of his deep affection and respect for you.
    Love. Lulu

    1. What a wonderful surprise to see your name here,Lulu.Have you connected to the School.Thank you for your kind words and please send my love to McEvan

  18. Whatever dishonesty is encountered in the so called world isn’t any different than what is being called honesty. Is not it’s original basis not based on a lie, a gross misunderstanding? Nothing less than what appears to be experienced could ever arise. It’s the same story being played out in a different looking manifestation but it’s cause and consequences have never changed. The whole world is shaped out of the mass conditioned misunderstanding that the world is outside of what you are and not coming from what you believe you are. So any discussion about anything happening out there is pointless, unless a massive amount of beings wake up to their true nature the heartbreaking saga of this insane political drama continues. Both honesty and dishonesty are useless concepts, another mind created distraction, no changes are ever happening out there, it’s inside or nowhere. Maybe let that take hold.

  19. Christopher Worthing

    I’m impressed with the Citadel. For me, I’m an oriental approach to protection. I invoke a kind of sphere of Taiji presence, which acts like a citadel. It also acts like a penetrating or perforating play when speaking the truth of real being.

  20. Dear Prakash,

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I found it absolutely shocking wat has happened in the senate impeachment procedures and it took a lot of courage and I was deeply moved to see Mitt Romney speak his truth, no matter the consequences, I found his statement very encouraging

    Some times truth will cost your dearly

    Love Patrick Hidalgo, the Netherlands.

  21. Flor Herrero Alarcón

    Thanks sincerely for bringing up this subject and sharing your experiences.
    I’ve been retaliated for speaking the truth at my university, in Spain. I’ve not beeing fired because I’m a public servant, I’m a teacher, but my collegues ostracized me and my boss started a slanderous process and superior authorities begun proceding against me… It is happening in this moment, indeed. I needed a lawyer. I feel supported by the fact I’m speaking the truth and I’m innocent. I feel the presence and the strength. There is also people supporting me in a strong way. They know I’m speaking the truth about abuses and corruption in my Departement. I do because I feel the essence supporting me. It is good to share it.

  22. Thanks Prakash, are you describing the personal will as a presence of knowingness – the inner knowing that you are on the right path and that your contribution counts? Is our inner knowing always in harmony with the ways of the universal will? Our choices today are determined by our limited view. Sometimes I feel that even the worst scenario politics in the US or in other places – have a function of highlighting other fundamental old patterns that we have lived with for a too long time – and which are not serving humankind as they should do. It is as if there is a much stronger and more profound will at work – which we can’t fully oversee. Working in organizational structures poses likewise many challenges – you can find your way of working within; while not feeling that the best choices are made at the top. At what level do we say stop – and what is the right action?

    1. Hi Turid,
      With any experience of essence there is also an experience of direct knowing i.e . we know it by being it. Once more I share with you the quote from Hameed,
      “Personal Will and the Divine Will are two distinct aspects of essence at the beginning.. First the individual needs to realize his personal will which is an actual, pure aspect of essence. Only then can he surrender or align his personal will to the divine will. Until then, he has no will to surrender.
      Excerpt from the book: Essence with the Elixir of Enlightenment.
      In my experience when this alignment happens there is also an experience of harmony. When our choices are filtered through the lens of the personality they are indeed limited when they arise from being the possibilities are unlimited. I have heard it said that “things are really getting worse,” and the response being,” no, they have always been this way, they are just being illuminated in a way where we need to take action to change them. As I said in my case, when I felt that to not speak the truth no matter the consequence, would have been out of integrity and I would have found it difficult to live with myself.

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