Love Beloved Heart

Without that meeting with the Guest, without that intimate familiarity with the Beloved, we are fundamentally, ontologically, existentially alone. We are separated from our Beloved. We use the name “our Beloved” because our heart will not feel completely happy, delighted, fulfilled, contented, and rested until it meets with the true object of the heart, the true love of our soul’s heart. 

love beloved heart

We make so many things more important without understanding what is most central to our well-being. What does it matter what we do in our life? What does it matter if I go here or go there? Or if I have this possession or I don’t have it? If I’m in this situation or that situation? Whether somebody likes me or doesn’t like me? Whether I have this job or engage in this activity or some other one? Whether I’m helping this person or not, or some other person? What does anything really matter if my heart is not happy with itself, if it is not in intimate union with the only thing that can make it totally happy?

Love Unveiled: Discovering the Essence of the Awakened Heart by A. H. Almaas

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  1. Hamid, when I feel Presence, I feel content, happy and connected. Is not Presence “my Beloved”? When presence is not felt, i feel sad, meaningless and almost a bit depressed. When Presence is felt, it fills me up and everything around, boundaries disappear and contentment is there. From Tiruvannamalai at the Mountain love Kali (Sweden)

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