Statement from Hameed Ali About Our Current Turbulent Times

We were just about to come out of the coronavirus pandemic when racism and cruelty took us to another dimension of challenges. The cruel and heartless killing of George Floyd is both appalling and the latest of many events like it that are the symptom of a larger issue in our country, the USA. Many are going out protesting not just this heart-wrenching event but the system of justice and police enforcement that have made it possible, and the widespread racism that still remains in the larger culture.

It is good to see that there are so many who are channeling their outrage into courageous yet peaceful protests with a unified voice demanding substantial, real change. This country needs real change, a change that is not just at the level of laws, but a cultural change that can bring equality to all people of color and to all races.

We are all human beings, and we all have the same precious spirit. And we all deserve the same rights, the same freedom, and the same safety.

We are all human beings, and we all have the same precious spirit. And we all deserve the same rights, the same freedom, and the same safety. We all deserve to be able to go anywhere in the country without fear or anxiety that we will be stopped, searched, arrested, or even killed. We know this because we are human, and our teaching embodies the timeless truths of justice, equality, the preciousness of all, and the actual unity of all. The whole world is now aware of the situation in this country, and it resonates in many places, not only because of our humanness, but also because many countries have their own brand of inequality and injustice.

The demonstrations and the marches are the way our democracy gives the people of this nation the freedom to speak, express, and voice their concerns. Looting, destruction of property, and violence is possibly, for some, an expression of the pain and suffering they have endured for too long, but responding to violence with violence is not sanctioned by our spiritual nature. In fact, the violence and looting have eclipsed the true message that is attempting to be heard.

The peaceful demonstrations and the protests are good in themselves and are good as the beginning of the movement towards a fundamental change. We all want real change, and in the United States it is by voting that we can bring about such change. I support all concerned individuals to vote not only nationally but also locally. It is at the local level that the state attorney general and the police commissioner and other bodies can effect real change in how court cases are tried and how the police conduct themselves. I was heartened by seeing that some local leaders are speaking out in support of the peaceful marches for needed change. But what is needed is a much bigger and more national change, and a cultural shift, otherwise the injustice will just continue, and it will fester.

To people of color and victims of injustice who are members of our Ridhwan community all over the world, we want you to know we stand with you and want to hear your voices.

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