Love Unveiled with A.H. Almaas

A.H. Almaas (Hameed Ali) Diamond Approach co-founder leads a short, heart focused meditation then discusses three aspects of love from his latest book Love Unveiled.

The three aspects of love are personal love, connected love, and passionate love.

After the talk, Hameed takes question and comments from participants.

This event was recorded on June 13, 2020 and held on Zoom, YouTube Livestream and Facebook Live. Over 800 people joined the live event from United States, Australia, New Zealand and many other locations across the world.

Love Unveiled can be purchased online at various book publishers. If you purchase through Shambhala Publications before the end of June 2020, you can use coupon code Unveiled30 for a discount. This offer is not valid with any other offers.

Show Notes

0:00 - 0:43

Introduction with Amelia (Zoom Host)

0:43 - 3:28

Welcome and Meditation with A.H. Almaas

3:28 - 7:25

Opening comments and discussing Love Unveiled

7:25 – 13:43

Discussion of spiritual love and love needed for everyday live

13:43 – 23:00

Effects of the spiritual heart

23:00 – 30:56

Liking and appreciative love (pink love)

30:56 – 38:00

Connectedness, sharing love (golden love)

38:00 – 42:57

Passionate love (pomegranate love)

42:57 – 53:48

Discussion of the three different aspects of love

53:48 – 1:04:52

Music meditation (Pedro Soler and Renaud Garcia-Fons, “Noche Gaditana”, Suite Andalouse.)

1:04:52 – 1:13:20

Question 1: When you were talking, I felt a heart connection and I was feeling delighted and smiling something strange happened with you put on the music. I didn’t like the music. What if you don’t like something?

1:13:20 – 1:15:56

Question 2: Is it possible to have love without hate? If one wants to see the world in a position of world, how does one get rid of the hate?

1:15:56 – 1:21:01

Question 3: I feel falling into extension of love. It feels like falling into a extension or I’ve dissolved into it. When listening to the music, I felt parts falling apart.

1:21:01 – 1:25:32

Question 4: Curious about where does this love come from? For me, I know what is the pink, cotton candy.

1:25:32 – 1:31:58

Question 5: I wanted to share an experiential aspect that I associated with some form of love. I feel a tug or a pull in my heart directed toward someone I am bonded and often times I find that with this tug comes a correlation – they are in distress or sometimes they are thinking of me, someone I am intimate with. I do believe in metaphysical properties to connection and a connection can be felt and the physical distance between persons is no limiting factor.

1:31:58 - 1:39:18

Question 6: You’ve given me another language to understand what I’ve been expressing. What I’ve been struggling with as I’m looking at my current environment, something is lacking. I’m struggling to not feel bad and not loving well enough because maybe this is just my ego and my emotional need for love. There is nothing wrong, but it feels like nothing.

1:39:18 - 1:42:53

Question 7: I felt I went back to a place feeling a white cloud sort of something in my memory and I was feeling pink, self love and when the music started I started feeling mama, mama.

1:42:53 - 1:48:02

Question 8: I just want to say thank you. I’m just in awe of the love that came through the music. It was just so moving. So thank you.

1:48:02 - 1:51:43

Question 9: I’ve studied with you for a long time, and I wanted you to know Don left the earth on June 1.

1:51:43 - END

Closing Comments with Amelia (Zoom Host) and A.H. Almaas

How Do You Experince Love?

Share your thoughts, comments and experiences below.

8 thoughts on “Love Unveiled with A.H. Almaas”

  1. Hello Hameed,
    I’ve been reading Love Unveiled, and I have a question about Rumi’s poem about love, “This is love…”
    I’ve seen a translation of this same poem where instead of “flying heavenward” the phrase was translated as “to fly towards a secret sky.” I’m wondering does the phrase “a secret sky” have a specific connotation in Sufiism or in Persian culture? It feels a lot different to me in tone and perhaps meaning too than “flying heavenward.”
    Thank you!

  2. maxima english

    Dear Hameed,
    I am experiencing gratitude and honoring for the unending flow of of love you bring to your students, through your teachings filled with transformative words. I so appreciate your rich generosity and sweetness, and your touching expressions to persons asking questions or bringing their pain to you; this shows your heart touching their hearts. This an amazing gift to all of us and humanity,

    I was personally, and gently touched by the music you offer to us; my experience was that of receiving a caring love such as the touch of mother, bringing simple, but life-giving, unconditional love love to me.

  3. Dear Hameed,
    When I have experienced love in meditation it is a dark depth that is like a vortex and I have a strong desire to be pulled in deeper and deeper. There is always a sweet and poignant melting sadness present at that time too. I have always wondered about what that sadness is about.
    However, it’s been a while since I’ve felt the deep feeling of the pull of that love. Instead my meditation has Now been primarily a feeling of spaciousness and emptiness of thought, a kind of neutrality and I do so much miss that love vortex. Where did it go?
    I sometimes feel that I am escaping human pain through a peaceful state of stillness, I am asking the universe to open my heart to experience all of it.
    Thank you Hameed for your incredible articulation of the nuances of love and for your life which has been a forceful source of good in the world.

    1. Isabelle schuurman

      Hi Camille,

      I agree so much with you in regards to your gratitude according to Hameed’s incredible ability to articulate!! Very precious indeed, his masterful skills….My deep gratitude as well! Indeed all those nuances of love and his many many descriptions of other kinds of experience, making us conscious of what we’re experiencing ourselves and conscious of potential experiences! Whether it’s about daily life, our so called ‘normal’ experiences, or about rather spiritual experiences.

      It’s appreciated by me beyond words indeed, his skillful expression of what is or can be experienced within ourselves, with our fellowbeings, the either good or bad stuff explained, our human feelings and emotions and identifications, the spiritual realms.. I’m deeply grateful for his guidance in that sense. And he seems to practice what he preaches?! Which is totally exceptional in my view. Not to be expected normally I mean. Applying understanding -the preach- in daily life? Practicing what we preach, or practicing the preaching we receive? Not easy of course. Does take a lot of work of course. Rubbing clean the diamonds, the pearls or however, by inquiring into who or what we are. Clearing ourselves as the gems that we are -potentially at least- with the tool of inquiry! Inquiring into it all, with openness in a sincere way and so on.

      I was wondering.. how do you mean his life ‘has been’?! … He still is, right?! His precious Beingness. He still seems to be who he is? Hameed is a wonderful Quintessence Diamond Pearl in my eyes! Alive and well…. Priceless he is for me … as a teacher, his books are my friends hahaha. So I feel like telling Hameed personally: THANK YOU… thank you so much for all you’ve been giving for such a long time to us all! My deep deep appreciation. Your precious clarity, your consciousness, your deep love, your wonderful teachings. Not to be taken for granted!!!!!! I really really found my path (already 13 years ago, to be continued!)

      And Camille, I’m contemplating your experiences with love during meditation. My own experience during the many many meditationretreats in the past has been an abiding, an abiding in Presence. A peaceful happy abiding within myself. Clearing, cleaning, making me more loving in a subtle sense, or rather more aware in particular actually. The practice made me more who I really am. In a kind of implicit sense at least. It hasn’t been an experience of stillness for me, not an absence, but rather a happy sobriety, a peaceful presence within, creating space for all kinds of subtle perceptions. And also longing for meals hahaha, lovingly prepared for us by the Buddhist monks and nuns in the kitchen.

      When you’re mentioning the dark depth, and in touchness with the pull of that love in what was felt by you as a dark vortex, I can only associate that with an experience once of a very deep, very black velvet love (a concept of Hameed that I now recognized in my own experience) which was really delicious. I wanted to disappear happily within it. It was prevented by the Diamond Approach teacher though, she interupted the experience. I don’t know why by the way. She wanted something else probably. I wasn’t attached, so that was fine as well.

      The love during those many meditationretreats was rather felt when I related with people. Which wasn’t really meant to be was what I noticed. (Those meditationretreats I joined for decades by the way, stepping over the treshold of the monastery, in and out, many times a years really. Even though it was -from the very beginning- considered to be just a support for my Tai Chi Chuan practice that has been even more intense.. I liked the martial arts practice more since relating was involved) So relating with my vipassana friend that was guiding the retreats or the nice people in that particular monastery (they were practicing another buddhist path). I felt really received by their conscious presence, I felt seen by them often as well. In all kinds of ‘small’ ways.

      A sadness was felt by me as well. In another way then how it was experienced by you I assume. My own sadness was about feeling restricted to just the simplicity, even though that was appreciated a lot my me as well. Why didn’t we relate more? I didn’t understand. Real relating was something that apparently needed to be delayed? And even though it was felt that way by me in between, relating.. We weren’t meant to be in relationship with each other. Not allowed by Buddha Gautama? It was always ‘needed’ to cut relating of. (reminded me of school, same story. Should be German or Greek Grammar or however. I was specialized in seducing the teachers into interesting dialogues though. hahaha.)

      During those meditation retreats we weren’t supposed to express except during the much appreciated talks about the meditation practice, or during coffeebreaks with the people that were training in the monastery to become.. (I don’t know what they wanted to become actually, to be honest). They had become nice human beings though, washed clean of superficiality, friendly, aware, and loving for sure.

      Though we were not exactly loving in the ways that Hameed is describing. Love wasn’t supposed to be passionate among each other for example, feeling the passion just within was ok probably. hahaha. Wasn’t ok to express passionate love once it was found within though, should be hidden as much as possible somehow, the love. In my experience. Made me sad. Personal love? Nope! So I experienced my own love within, and wasn’t able or ‘supposed’ to share my many experiences of love within.

      By the way, I remember asking the whole group that was about to start the 10 days meditationretreat, whether in their view the real life started now, with our meditation practice or rather afterward. I was suprised, many were really interested in my question. ‘Afterward’, after the practice, the real life would begin again it was decided, unanimously even. And I have to admit that was not what I expected; now I was even more suprised!

      I also recognize a sadness within myself about the difficulty to share love in all kinds of ways in what’s seen as ‘the real world’, because real love in whatever forms is happening at another plane normally. I understand. Which is a help. Would ‘destroy’ the structures? Would probably challenge all kinds of identifications at the emotional plane? That’s is how it’s all understood by me till now. So yeah, I’m dealing a bit with it all, you know with the ‘human pain’ that you were mentioning. Inquiring into the general lack of responsiveness all around and so forth. Facing it all within myself as much as possible during my own inquiries by myself alone as well by the way. Expliciting (nice word, thanks Hameed) my own experiences, whether it’s my daily experience or experiences in a rather spiritual sense while talking to myself. Formulating my own questions and answers and so on. I do appreciate my own company which is a big help!

      With love, Isabelle

  4. Connie Verberne

    Thank you Hameed for this teaching and for the music. While Listening I felt like surrendering to a state of welcoming what is there and of dissapearing of any urge to respond. There was just a ig welcoming receptiveness
    Thank you

  5. Isabelle schuurman

    To all fellow travelers/students on the path of the Diamond Approach including the teachers, the oncoming teachers in spe and Hameed ‘himself’:

    In the webinar ‘love unveiled’ a contrast is created between our emotional heart which seems to be less desirable for Hameed, or it should be less desirable for us all as it is felt by me? Why would the emotional heart be less desirable then the true Essential heart, our spirit heart, for all of us as individuals?
    A few questions arose for me, both according to our Spirit Heart and our emotional heart. And questions as well according to the contradiction that’s perceived by me between our (potential) heart qualities and our (potential) mind qualities in the webinar Love unveiled.

    The Spiritual Heart is described in this Diamond Approach booktalk as what makes human beings Human. The True Heart is Presence as it is appearing through the heart as I understood Hameed. Love in the sense of real Love and the Enlightenment drive are included in the true Heart as far as I understood. So this real love is intrinsic to what we are as it was stated in this webinar about love. This love is intrinsic to all of us as human beings. So at the very core, at the level of spirit, our spirit heart, we aren’t an animal anymore as I understood by now. This heart is the ground. For all of us as individuals! Within ourselves. This heart is Heavenly, Being Full of Delight, it’s described as the very Essence of what makes humans Human. Wow.

    The True Heart is about Generosity and an overflowing Goodness of many kinds: Forgiveness, Tenderness, having a Fulfilling quality, Gratitude, the Pink Love was described as Personal love and as a Love for Truth, a Love for the Divine. In regards to the true Heart also Golden Merging Love was mentioned. While Merging Love, the Golden Love, is seen as wanting to be one with the Divine, union with the Divine or as: union with ‘it’.

    -Is Merging Love about Union with the Divine or with our mother in the past?
    -Hameed was giving the example of a small child needing this kind of Love, how is Merging Love different or the same for us as adults I wonder?
    -My own feeling is that the quality of Golden Merging would be most mature if it goes along with consciousness? Instead of simply me simply disappearing and identifying? Though I assume selflessness is needed as well to experience this kind of Merging Gold Love within ourselves and/or with someone else?

    -I often wonder if Hameed starts talking about ‘it’ or ‘that’, what is meant exactly? Is ‘it’ referring to the potential or to the fullness of Being? Is ‘it’ referring to the Absolute ground of Being or to our Beingness as Light? Or is ‘it’ referring to Freud’s ‘id’, our individual or even collective unconscious?
    -When Hameed is talking about Union with the Divine, the Merging Gold quality of Love dissolving us into the Beloved, which is the Divine within us… what happens? What is meant with ‘dissolving’?! Will we be disappeared by then? do we dissolve into somebody else (back into the womb of our mother at last maybe) or into a black Hole which then turns out to be Golden, or what?

    Hameed is describing the passion of love, the ecstacy in a convincing way I must say! As the kind of love that is the primary force that impels us on the spiritual path, our life drive (my term), the enlightenment drive as Hameed says.
    – Is this enlightenment drive that Hameed has often been talking about the same as what is called a ‘life drive’ by me in your eyes? A drive towards the real life, I’m often walking by a book with a title ‘the Divine Life’ on the shelf…sounds nice.. Any comments?

    – Hameed is mentioning how this passionate love passionately wants to ‘devour’ and consume. Oops. While he was making a gesture of throwing away?! A disposable gesture?! This kind of love ‘wants to take you in and melt you in ecstasy’. Oh, yes, sounds good to me, though I wonder with some anxiety maybe: what’s exactly thrown away or ‘eaten up’? If I would love someone this passionately, I want them to BE most of all, I want them to exist?! Do you agree? Would be somewhat murderous or suicidal otherwise in my view?

    Or do you think he just means those layers of ego defensiveness that we’re used to identify with, as if that’s what we are? Is that what is meant with ‘eating up’ and ‘melting away’ in your view? Just wanting to throw away what isn’t really needed anymore maybe? Since we have become functioning grown ups already meanwhile, having become individuals in our own right, thanks to the ego construct that we developed as children I suppose, and that we don’t really need anymore? I’m not sure though… it might still be needed for most of us?

  6. Isabelle schuurman

    Hameed makes a contrast somehow with what’s commonly called heart, the heart of emotions (fear, anxiety, hatred, anger, envy, jealousy and so on) and the True Heart. And I wonder whether he is mentioning the emotional heart as synonymous with Ego ‘existence’, which then isn’t really Being yet, so no ‘Enlightenment’ yet, since it includes emotions?
    -Or is the heart of emotions our individual soul? And should we locate the true Heart at Spirit level? Wasn’t fully clear yet for me. Egoplane, Soul (heart as the kernel?), Spirit (heart as the kernel of the kernel? Terms borrowed from Ibn Arabi)…..

    – Are the different kinds of Essential Love, the Divine manifestations, seen as the ground of all those emotional kinds of love in the Diamond Approach? Or the other way around? And what exactly is, or how are we, as individuals, exactly a mirror reflection of the True Heart? I would like to understand what is what, so I can steer towards the most authentic and real Heart in a more clear and in a rather conscious way 🙂
    -What is meant with ‘life as the mirror reflection of the True Heart’? Is that living from the emotional heart? The conventional life as our ego ‘existence’? Is our Soul Being a reflection of the True Spiritual Heart as well, I wonder? Or is it all mixed maybe?

    -As I’ve understood the Diamond Approach our main Work is mainly about acknowledging holes, facing the issues of the past that we took along with us in the present. And because we do the Work to prevent this for our future life, not wanting to get stuck that way I mean, allowing change that way. Transformation is happening by our precious understanding of what’s actually going on in my view, and while we are facing and digesting our difficult emotions, the alchemical work is happening of purifying and burning what isn’t useful anymore not forgetting to distill the Essence? Do you agree with this view?

    By the way: of course Love in the sense of Real Love is needed very much so on our path. Couldn’t be done otherwise I assume? Like we also need companions on our Holy path of course. Would normally be too difficult to face what needs to be faced all by ourselves in my eyes. How difficult it might be, our trajectory, it’s the most important Work I can think of. And I agree Love makes it possible. Likewise -as I said- Understanding and Companionship are needed very much so in my view on our spiritual path.

    -For me emotions are ok, they have a function for sure? While blind acting out of emotions (without consciousness) is of course more difficult to deal with, both in our selves and in our others if a lot of identification is implied by definition maybe. And it can all be inquired into I suppose? With Openness; which might be in the direction of our Essential Heart already?! Is Openness a feature of the True Heart? It’s an Essential Quality isn’t it, Openness?
    -What’s the location of our emotional heart (in the sense of our embodiment) I wonder? And is it at the usual plane of our ego identifications accompanied by emotions about the many phenomena we identify with? Like our passionate anger -oh yes!, sadness, fear -my favourite- hatred, or envy and jealousy-hardly if ever in my own experience, and so on)?

    -I’m wondering about the level of soul. Is this our individuality at the level of bodysoul? Can we maybe see our emotional heart as our existence at soul level, which then is for all of us of course still mixed with emotions, while we are ‘still’ doing our clearing Work? Our inquiries are normally at this level in my experience, as student in the school? Even though the Ridhwan Work is nevertheless done in a Spiritual School? So inquiring into our emotions isn’t that simply the holy Work of Transformation? Our holy work of transforming identifications and emotions into something more real, harvesting more consciousness, understanding and Essential qualities of all kinds that way? Do you agree?
    -What’s the distinction between Spirit and Soul? Needs to be distinguished maybe? If we are supposed to reach the True Heart some day? Instead of just being unconscious in our so called existence, which is called just a mirror reflection of the real. As it was suggested in this booktalk… Oops. Something in between those extremes I wonder?

    -Can the emotional plane be seen as a reflection, as a world of reflections? Always? Is this always the case when we experience emotions? Isn’t anger sometimes real I wonder? How real is real though? hahaha
    – Is the emotional heart the place where people are struggling with the Presence, the Essence, the Realness, with Strength and also with anger since it’s pointing to the Essential quality of Strength (for example)? Is our emotional heart the land where ‘the stranger’ is often despised for being other? How much we all might actually prefer the Love, in the sense of the Real Love, the Divine Heavenly Love… or long for it at the emotional plane.


  7. Isabelle schuurman

    -In this webinar I perceived a contradiction between heart and mind was presented in the sense of this topic of what it is that makes us human. I was wondering why we would despise mind quality in our precious Diamond Approach Path? In my view Mind quality is also appreciated in the DA? How would we be able to reach the true Heart without our Mindqualities I wonder! Without understanding, without clarity, without Being Conscious, without discriminating awareness, without an ability for expliciting our experiences and so on?! Would not be possible in my view? Any thoughts?

    In the book ‘Love unveiled: discovering the Essence of the Awakened Heart’
    AHA makes clear how we can distinguish the language of Love from the language of Discernment as two perpectives on Love. He writes: “And yet they describe the same thing. Likewise Real Love and Real Understanding are the same.” It is explained how the feeling of love in a conscious way can be seen as the flow of experience; while the real understanding and discernment of what is loved exactly is possible as well. My deep Appreciation for Hameed’s particular ability to Integrate the language of Love and the language of Discernment in a Unique way.

    -My Personal Passion is actually about the Divine Marriage between Heart and Mind within ourselves. What do you think? We’re all different of course. Some of us might prefer either Heart or Mind or something entirely different.

    (I was searching whether the term ‘Divine Marriage of Heart and Mind’ -which was the theme of a Gorgeous Quasar retreat offered by Hameed Ali and Karen Johnson that I joined in Boston, 2009- was indeed coined by Ibn Arabi. Does anybody know? I just found that William Chittick, ‘has devoted two scholarly monographs to Rūmī and Ibn ‘Arabī.[…] the first is entitled The Sufi Path of Love and the second The Sufi Path of Knowledge, respectively.’)

    Forgive me please for asking too many questions maybe. Those questions can of course be regarded as rhetorical questions that don’t need an answer. Whatever response would be exciting though! I would be grateful. And I wonder: is this hope for answers on my many questions, this kind of gratitude in advance coming from the True Heart, or is my gratitude for a response in advance still on the plane of my emotions? I don’t know. I think my appreciation in advance is my love, my sincere desire, my ‘holy hope’ if you like, for a real dialogue and for inspiration? For a little help of my friends. For sharing and learning together. I’ll inquire into the distinction. With much Love and my deep interest in the Diamond Approach as the Ridwhan Teaching!

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