Love Works with Christof Bosch

Christof Bosch, a Diamond Approach teacher based in Germany, talks about love and how love functions in our lives. This event was designed for those new to the Diamond Approach path and gives a taste of the teaching.

The event begins with welcoming remarks and an overview about the Diamond Approach path. Christof leads a silent meditation and then gives a short teaching about love.

This event was recorded on September 13, 2020 and held on Zoom, YouTube Livestream and Facebook Live. Over 300 people joined the live event from Germany, Mexico, United States, and many other countries across the world.

If you are interested in finding a group near you, check out open Diamond Approach groups across the world.

Show Notes

0:00 - 7:24

Welcome and Meditation with Christof Bosch

07:24 - 12:22

Welcome to those who are new to the Diamond Approach and an overview of this contemporary spiritual path.

12:22 – 45:56

Introduction about love and how it functions in our lives.

45:56 – 48:38

Anne (Zoom Host) Opens the session for questions and comments

48:48 – 52:46

Question 1: I picked up on Christof’s connection between the ability to love and what we experienced as small infants. The ability to love tells me that something went right as a child. I am deeply grateful to my mother.

52:46 – 56:22

Question 2: Where is the best place to start with the Diamond Approach?

56:22 – 1:02:00

Question 3: About a year ago I experienced my heart exploding open. I’m yearning to have that again, but I am being locked up. Can you help me with that?

1:02:00 – 1:05:58

Question 4: I feel love with my daughter especially and my father. I feel that kind of energy or state in my body, but sometimes I have some emotions that are not too good. Is it possible to stabilize in that kind of state or energy? Being stable in loving state and not getting so much into the reaction.

1:05:58 – 1:14:08

Question 5: The Bay area has been encased in fire and it is the fifth day I haven’t been able to go outside and I have two young children doing distance learning. I feel like I’ve been honoring this time and giving my best to recognize it is an incredible time of transformation for all of us and our planet, but four to five days ago I woke up and there was no sun. And something happened in me and this hope that I had had since March is gone. I’m numb and lost and feel our planet is breaking.

1:14:08 – 1:19:00

Question 6: I have been looking back at my childhood. When you were talking about that golden love, I don’t recognize that. I don’t have it as a reference point. Most of my love has been felt between heart and head, so without that reference point, how do you know what love really is?

1:19:00 – 1:22:13

Question 7: It hurts me deeply and angers me to look at the world and see humanity as so disrespectful and greedy to this planet. With your insights, do you think that humanity will have time to mature and transform into love being before we destroy the planet? I want to be part of the solution, but I can’t because of the anger I feel.

1:22:13 – 1:25:21

Question 8: I’m deeply touched with your love and compassion and how you talk to people. I want to give love and support her, but I don’t know if she wants it.

1:25:21 – 1:26:35

Closing comments

1:26:35 – 1:30:20

Music meditation

How Does Love Operate as a Life Force in Your Life?

Share your thoughts, comments and experiences below.

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