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Divine Heart of Humanity

Pre-recorded 3-Part Series

Learn 3 Ways to Apply the Alchemy of Love in Challenging Times

We often hear spiritual teachers speak about the divine that connects us all, but what does it look like to really embody and express that in our day-to-day lives?   

And how do we do this when our world is in a time of great uncertainty, with a global pandemic spurring fears about the economy, our jobs, the health of our families and communities, and our children’s futures? 

In this special 3-part Spirituality in Daily Life series, we explore the Divine Heart of Humanity, that place of unconditional love, value, and passion that connects us all and that can support us in staying open and acting from love in the face of so many unknowns. 

While it can feel easier to shut down in order to cope with disruptions to our daily liveskeeping an open heart and staying connected both to each other and ourselves, can help us weather this storm together and bring love to a world that needs it.

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with Andreas Mouskos, Diamond Approach teacher

Basing your self-esteem on external validators – your career, finances, status, looks, or image – is like building your foundation on quicksand. When external circumstances change, your confidence can crumble. Through spiritual exploration and inquiry, you can come to know your true worth beyond all these structures. Andreas looks at the essential elements of real self-worth and one’s inherent essential value, which creates Indestructible Self-Esteem.     Explore This Course ⇒


with A.H. Almaas, co-founder of the Diamond Approach

Spiritual awakening can lead you to see reality without the filters or veils of the ego. As you deepen into this inner knowing, different essential qualities start to arise in your experience. Diamond Approach founder Hameed Ali (A.H. Almaas) has taught widely about the different types of essential love – including true self-love. This seminar will focus on one aspect of his new book, Love Unveiled.     Explore This Course ⇒


with Tejo Jourdan, Diamond Approach teacher

By allowing ourselves to deeply feel our passion, we become fully present and awake to the felt sense of the energy and presence of our desire. These qualities become a truth in and of themselves, revealing the beauty, grace and love of our nature fiercely moving toward knowing itself directly. As we tap into and allow the qualities of passionate love and desire, so often seen in spiritual work as unhelpful or distortions, our quest takes on a powerful, passionate life of its own.     Explore This Course ⇒

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