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What you will learn

In this audio course you’ll explore your inner world using a practice called Diamond Inquiry. Diamond Inquiry allows you to become more fully in touch with yourself and find clarity on your true purpose.

Over the next 10 days, you’ll learn to develop a greater sense of presence and open up your experience by exploring the forces that drive us to connect, actualize ourselves and pursue certain impulses.

Diamond Inquiry is the central practice of the Diamond Approach based on the work of A.H Almaas. It is as useful the first time you look inside as it is after decades of practice. Wherever you are in your journey, inquiry can help you turn inwards and find your natural next step. You will come to realize the many opportunities for growth and exploration already available to you.

Why take this course

In this practical, self-paced audio course, you’ll learn how to go exploring the ocean of your inner world using a powerful practice called Diamond Inquiry. You’ll be guided step-by-step to orient to the inner ocean, in how to get more fully in touch with yourself, to discover where you are, and to explore and question what is truly going on for you to bring greater clarity and understanding. You’ll learn a wonderful supporting practice to help you be more present at any time of your life, not just when you inquire or meditate.

I recommend taking a couple of days to practice what you learn in each lesson before going on to the next lesson.

This course explores

LESSON 1: The Living Ocean Of Your Inner World

This lesson introduces the practical basics of inquiry – when, where and how to do it on your own. You will explore the vast scope of your inner world. In today’s practice we will undergo an exercise where you will dip your head into the water to see what’s appearing in your inner world.

LESSON 2: Friendly Interest

You’ll find all kinds of things in your inner world. There might be some experiences you like, and some things you might prefer to fix or change about yourself. In today’s lesson, you’ll discover the power of simply being friendly and interested in your inner world, whatever you find. You’ll explore some of the things that limit your friendly interest in yourself.

LESSON 3: Sensing, Looking And Listening (Getting In The Water)

In this lesson you will learn the two central instructions that make Diamond inquiry so unique and powerful. You’ll also learn a key practice that enables you to immerse yourself in your inner world in a more immediate and palpable way.

LESSON 4: Checking In

Inquiry involves waking up to what’s around in the flow of your inner world. In this lesson you’ll learn four main categories or dimensions of experience that you might notice as you look around. You’ll practice checking in with these different elements, taking time to be in touch with them, and to recognize and find the words for what they are.

LESSON 5: Diving Deeper

The surface of the inner world is what you first encounter. In this lesson you will begin diving deeper by bringing a curious, questioning attitude towards where you are. You’ll see how this can lead you right to the depths and you’ll begin trying out that kind of exploration yourself.

LESSON 6: The Freedom Of Inquiry

Inquiry is so free that it is open to anything that might appear in your inner ocean. Practicing Inquiry will expand the range of your inner world. This will activate a kind of inner coast guard called the Inner Critic, that stops you from experiencing anything it doesn’t approve of. You will learn how the Inner Cristic limits your freedom and gain ideas about how to Inquire into your Inner Critic.

LESSON 7: The Magic Of Inquiry

The magic of inquiry is that the very act of exploring your experience, getting in touch and understanding it, brings about a magical unfolding. In this lesson you’ll learn how to give the magic space to happen, and practice it with the Inner Critic coast guard.

LESSON 8: Mind & Inquiry

Your mind includes your thoughts and the ideas and beliefs that you’ve picked up from your entire life so far, as well as the very capacity of your consciousness to be aware and to recognize what is going on. In today’s lesson, you’ll learn about two challenges of this powerful capacity to learn. In the exercise, you’ll explore how these challenges are active in you now and practice techniques to open up beyond their limitations.

LESSON 9: Heart & Inquiry

In this lesson you’ll learn the importance of holding your experience and your feelings, and how to allow feelings and explore them without acting them out. You’ll learn the importance of staying with an experience to notice and discover more about it, and get tips on how to dive safely in the inner world.

LESSON 10: Belly & Inquiry

In today’s lesson, you’ll learn about the hidden dimension of experience that brings Inquiry to life in a thrilling and immersive way. The inner world can be discovered as something palpable and substantial that you can explore in a profound adventure. This turns out to be the most important element for grounding your inquiry.

Meet the Teacher

Dom Liber

From Dom:

“I am an explorer, teacher and writer about our human consciousness and everything that happens in it i.e. all of life. My approach is about getting in touch with experience in a palpable way and exploring it with interest and curiosity to find out and understand what’s going on. This is called inquiry or diamond inquiry, and is the central practice of the Diamond Approach. This form of exploration leads to a whole path of discovery and development, which is the path of the Diamond Approach.

I love the ongoing adventure of inquiry. This practice has something vital to offer people now, something that they are looking for. It never ceases to amaze me how diving into where you are, getting fully in touch with your experience and exploring it, can bring to light the most unexpected possibilities. I’m still astonished at being able to become conscious of layers of my development all the way back to the very beginning, and the specific ways that this history impacts our deepest potentials. I know for myself that even very difficult experience can open up with time and transform. The richness of what it is to be a human being is quite without limit. The process is beautiful, personal, and at times deeply challenging. And neither I nor anyone else on this journey has found an end yet, so it’s a real life long adventure.”

Originally from South Africa and currently based in London, Dom teaches Diamond Approach groups, works one-on-one with students, and teaches courses on inquiry.

Inquiry Practice Groups

Optional live practice groups give you an opportunity to meet regularly with a small group of fellow spiritual seekers and an experienced Diamond Approach teacher to strengthen your self-understanding and to practice dropping in and exploring inquiry. These 6-session groups are a great way to build community and experience of including inquiry in your daily life. New groups open every quarter, check the Course Catalog or sign up on our mailing list to learn about open groups.


The course is appropriate for those new to the Diamond Approach, as well as current students interested in deepening their inquiry practice.

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