Student Orientation


Welcome to Discover Your Truth Through Diamond Inquiry

This practical, self-paced audio course is led by Diamond Approach teacher Dominic Liber and will guide you through an exploration of your inner world using a practice called Diamond Inquiry, a core practice of the Diamond Approach. 

Over the course of ten teaching segments, you’ll become more fully in touch with yourself, reconnect with your true purpose, and experience greater clarity, understanding, and magical transformation as you discover your truth.  

The first three lessons of this course lay the vital foundations for inquiry by helping you orient to the inner world, discover a helpful attitude with which to approach your inner experience, and get in touch with your experience in a very immediate way.  

These may seem simple, but taking the time with the basics will make a big difference down the line when the practice gets more subtle. 

The lessons include exercises and we strongly recommend that you don’t just listen to the lessons, but that you actually do the exercises. This is where the learning will come to life.  

Each lesson ends with a suggested practice for you to try out before the next lesson, and I also recommend taking a day or two between each lesson to practice that exercise. It’s just like learning to swim, and the more secure you are with the basics, the easier the later steps will seem. 

Live Inquiry Practice Groups

Optional live inquiry practice groups are offered at the beginning of each quarter to give you an opportunity to meet regularly with a small group of fellow spiritual seekers and an experienced Diamond Approach teacher to strengthen your self understanding and to practice dropping in and exploring inquiry.

More details and a link to register will be communicated via email and are posted on the Catalog page of our website in December, March, June, and September.

Please be sure to add to your safe senders list so you receive these important emails. 


If you have any questions, requests, or comments about this course, please send an email to to reach our support team.

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