Walking the
Diamond Path

A 3-part Introductory Series to the Diamond Approach

For the Truth Seeker and Mystery Lover

We are a mystery school that has provided the teachings of the Diamond Approach to the world for 45 years. The way we have taught this spiritual body of knowledge is through ongoing groups that gather regularly in person for weekends and retreats.

Since COVID-19 began, we moved all of our current in-person groups online for the sake of safety. We have been inspired by the kinds of experiences that emerged from this transition to gathering online, and we feel the real possibility of offering an ongoing group in this online format.

We are inviting new students who value spiritual illumination, who sincerely want to know the truth of life and reality, to join us for a living laboratory that we intend to become our first Diamond Heart Online group (DHON1).

Our intention is to develop an international group of committed students, of many cultures and backgrounds, that can go on for some years. This is a novel opportunity for those who want to engage with this path in an ongoing way but are unable to participate in our usual, preferred, in-person style. This group is for new students only.

The best way to learn more is to participate in this first introductory series, Walking the Diamond Path. Here you may experientially explore the teachings of the school with the founders of the Diamond Approach, long-time Diamond Approach students, and other seekers, lovers, adventurers of consciousness who are new to the path.

Join Us on a Journey of Becoming a Free Human Being

The world is changing fast. Division and conflict are increasing, and we are faced with difficulties we have never known. Many of us feel lost, worried, or overwhelmed—and uncertain about what the future may hold.

In times like these, it is important for us to be rooted in what’s real in a very deep way, to be resilient and to be oriented so that we have support to discover how we can be a part of the solution.

The Diamond Approach is a path of liberation and realization that pulls from both ancient spiritual wisdom and modern depth psychology to help us explore the truth of who we really are, and in so doing, create the change the world so desperately needs right now.

In this 3-part series, Walking the Diamond Path, you’ll have an opportunity to get a taste of three key aspects of the path—from the kind of magnetic love that ignites our interest in what is real; to a kind of acceptance that allows us to face whatever comes up; to a discovery of presence, an agent of liberation, that transforms our experience and our lives. For some, it will be an introduction, and for others, an initiation.

In this introductory series, we will explore...

What is means to be on a spiritual path

How inner work supports us in navigating outer turmoil

Ways to approach the unconscious, inner obstacles we all encounter so we can understand and move through them, and be liberated

Whether you are newly on the spiritual path, or have already had meditative or transcendent experiences, this work will help you open up and show you how you can be free in this world while knowing you are beyond it.

“When we’re ignited and initiated into presence, it initiates you, it touches you and it shows you the meaning of existence.”

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with A.H. Almaas and Karen Johnson, co-founders of the Diamond Approach

Love can help us break down walls and build certainty in the uncertain times we’re living in today. But what is the force of love? How can we experience it? In this teaching, we look into the realm of love as a spiritual presence and shine a light on the obstacles in its way. We’ll learn about the language of the heart and how to let it spring forth so that it can serve us and those around us.    Explore This Course ⇒

with A.H. Almaas, co-founder of the Diamond Approach
and Zarina Maiwandi, Diamond Approach Teacher

When we practice acceptance as a state of being, we can become truly free. What is happening for you in the face of the challenges you’re experiencing today? What are you rejecting or pushing away? What is in the way? In this teaching, we’ll help you explore your own unique way of avoiding your experience. We will explore what it means to be right where we are, opening up our consciousness and building our capacity for radical acceptance in order to liberate ourselves.    Explore This Course ⇒

with Karen Johnson, co-founder of the Diamond Approach
and Christof Bosch, Diamond Approach Teacher

Presence in its pure form is not a particular quality or characteristic; rather it is a substance that enables us to respond to what’s needed. If there’s pain, we can respond with kindness. When love is needed, it shows up. So how can we recognize presence in ourselves, truly knowing and feeling it? In this teaching, we’ll provide tools that allow you to open up to presence and experience the effects it can have in your life, as well as the impact it can have in the world.     Explore This Course ⇒

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