Living with Wisdom

A 3-part Exploration of Mind on the Inner Journey

September through December 2021

Learn How Your Mind Can Be A Powerful Ally For Living An Awakened Life

Many spiritual traditions teach us that our minds are obstacles on the inner journey, something we must transcend for us to be truly enlightened. The Diamond Approach, however, teaches us how to use our true mind to free us from the limitations of our conditioning and awaken us to the timeless truth of who and what we are.

This 3-part series introduces us to true mind and the steps that are necessary for being our essential presence in the world and functioning with wisdom. We will learn how to free the mind of the influence of the inner judge, how to use the mind to open our everyday experience beyond our fixed perceptions, and how one’s mind becomes a great ally that is actually needed for the process of spiritual awakening.

As we discover the ways in which true mind is essential for traversing the path, we can find a more enlightened view and appreciation for our mind, and its innate capacities and deeper potential. We are able to mindfully and heartfully integrate what we know and understand to be the truth and live with wisdom.

When you live according to what you know to be true about yourself and reality, when that knowledge is being lived, that's what we call wisdom.

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with Byron Brown, Diamond Approach Teacher

In this course we explore the superego, our inner critic or judge that developed when we were children, using our instincts and fears to impose rigid rules and standards that we still unconsciously live by, even though they no longer serve us. In this live, two-day event, we will learn how to recognize this force and loosen its hold on our daily lives so we can experience a clearer mind for true wisdom to arise.

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with John Davis, Diamond Approach Teacher

This course offers a new view of the mind, something most traditions consider an obstacle to enlightenment. This can be true, but the Diamond Approach also sees the mind as a valuable tool for discernment, one that helps us more precisely know our experience and free us from superficial patterns that prevent us from entering deeper dimensions of our being.

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with Bob Ball, Diamond Approach Teacher

In this course we learn how orienting our mind toward the truth can help us along our spiritual journey by opening up and clarifying our experience, by helping us understand our relation to suffering, and by knowing how to live our realization in the world.

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3-Part Teaching Series
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What is the Ridhwan School?

“Ridhwan” is a Sufi word. It means “satisfied and satisfying.” Our school, home to more than 4,000 students across the globe, has the potential to both help you to be fulfilled and to help others be fulfilled. Students learn to ground, sensitize, recognize, and trust the inherent guidance of Being.

What is the Diamond Approach?

The Diamond Approach is the core teaching of the Ridhwan School, a spiritual path that approaches our ordinary experiences, emotions, and sensations in a friendly way of understanding. This radical acceptance of our situation allows something to come through that puts us in touch with our spirituality.

In the Diamond Approach, everything we experience is utilized as a doorway to our spiritual nature. Rather than negating or seeking to transcend parts of our humanness that are considered barriers to realization, we learn to approach each aspect of our physical, emotional, and mental experience with acceptance and open curiosity to discover its truth. We do meditation and other exercises, but the main method is Diamond Inquiry™: non-judgment of what we’re experiencing, which brings crisp clarity into one’s own truth.

What’s included in the program?

When you register for the series, you’ll receive admission to all three live online workshops where you’ll hear talks from Byron Brown, John Davis and Bob Ball, participate in guided meditations and experiential exercises with the course community, and learn from other participants in the Question & Comments portions.

Are the sessions live or pre-recorded?

These are live online workshops. You will receive access to recordings of the workshops if you are unable to attend live. 

Will you be mailing anything to me or is everything digital?

Once payment is received you will receive an email with your login details, then you are officially in! You will receive everything in your email inbox, including instructions on how to access the courses. Please check your spam folder to locate emails that starts with ‘[LWW 2021].’

Are there any technical requirements to participate in the course?

All course materials are accessible through any web browser on computers, tablets, and smartphones. You will need a solid high speed internet connection to view course videos. If you have slow internet you may have trouble viewing the videos. However, you will still have access to all materials by listening to or downloading audio files of the course.

Do you offer financial assistance such as scholarships for online courses?

Yes! To apply for financial assistance for any of our courses, click here to complete a scholarship application. Scholarship applications for this series need to be received by Monday, September 13, 2021, and scholarship awards will be sent via email by Friday, September 17, 2021.

What if I have questions?

We’re here to support you on your journey and help with any questions you may have about enrolling and accessing the course. For support please email Be sure to add this address to your contact list so we don’t end up in your Junk/Spam/Promotions folder. But please check there just in case!

Is there a refund policy?

Yes. If you are dissatisfied with this series —for any reason—simply contact us within 30 days of first course start.

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