Awakened Heart

Questions on Love & Longing

Free Video Series

June - September 2023

A New Exploration Every Two Weeks

Enjoy this free video series as A.H. Almaas and Zarina Maiwandi guide us in exploring some of the deepest questions we all have about love and longing.  

Starting June 7th, a new video will be released every two weeks throughout the summer. 

  • June 7th — What is love actually? 
  • June 21st — Where does love come from? 
  • July 5th — How do we get separated from love? 
  • July 19th — We all long for love, but what are we really longing for? 
  • August 2nd — What are our mistaken ideas about love? 
  • August 16th — Is everything really made of love? 
  • August 30th — How do we come closer to love? 
  • September 13th — What changes when we come closer to love? 
  • September 27th — What can support me in exploring barriers to love? 

Are you ready to come closer to love?

There is a growing need for us to heal our separation from love to create a more kind, just, and generous world for all of humanity. If you are feeling called to do this sacred work, continue your journey with A.H. Almaas and Zarina Maiwandi in The Way of Love live course coming this fall.  

“Divine love is one of the main things that the world needs at the present time. If there is more awareness of divine love in the world, there will be less hatred, less enmity, less division. If even ten percent of the world awakens to divine love, it will change the world. Our world will be much more positive, more welcoming, and more fertile place for all human beings.”

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