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Diamond Body Practice: Dynamic Mudras from the Diamond Approach

Welcome to Diamond Body Practice: Dynamic Mudras from the Diamond Approach, with teachers Linda Krier and Greg Knight.

Originally called ‘Five Movements,’ the Diamond Body Practice was developed by Linda Krier at Hameed’s request, and first taught in 2008. Over the years, the practice has deepened and evolved as a way for us to become more intimate with our inner experience by entering deeply into our body in the moment.

The movements or ‘body prayers’ are invitations to enter into certain aspects of the teaching in an embodied way. This evolution as well as the addition of two new movements prompted the change of name from Five Movements to the ‘Diamond Body Practice.’ 

This is a dynamic and living practice, which is continuing to be refined and to reveal its possibilities. Variations on the form itself, as well as the depth to which it can take us, are evolving as it comes alive in the bodies and souls of those practicing.

The movements of the practice are simple, accessible to anyone regardless of physical condition, and are based on sound body mechanics as well as spiritual principles. Learning the Diamond Body Practice can give us a means to deepen our connection to our inner Presence through sensitive, respectful, and attuned listening to our moving body.

In this course you will learn:

  • The movements of the Diamond Body Practice
  • How to approach your body with deep listening and respect for the living consciousness that it is
  • How the practice can support your sensitivity to and intimacy with your embodied experience
  • How your body is a portal to the interior of your soul and presence
  • The wisdom of each of the movements and their connection to qualities of Presence in the Diamond Approach Path
  • How the wisdom of each movement can be embodied in everyday experience
  • How this movement practice can be a support for your practice of meditation and inquiry

Course materials will be made available the Thursday before the event. Please email us at daosupport@ridhwan.org if you have any questions. 

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