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Subtleties of Spirit: An Introduction to the Lataif

Awakening to Secrets of the Human Soul

Lataif is an Arabic word that refers to subtle organs of perception in Sufi spiritual psychology. In the Diamond Approach, each latifa is a subtle quality of being, an indestructible aspect—joy, will, peace, courage, compassion and so on—of who and what we are. 

Experiencing the latifa and knowing they exist makes it easier to understand the nature of reality, free ourselves from the turmoil of our personal history, and live our life from a grounded, deeper understanding that is unaffected by day-to-day events. The lataif are also essential for following any spiritual path, which requires their support to sustain our practices and stay focused on our inner journey.

In this introduction, we will familiarize ourselves with the lataif and talk about how they can support us in living a harmonious life. We will also discuss how it is more important than ever to connect with these qualities in polarized, conflictual times like the one we are experiencing at this moment on the planet. 

Through the exploration of each latifa, we can come to understand that they are deeper modes of perceiving and experiencing what we really are, of understanding our inner nature, each with a particular wisdom that supports our being. We will see that by accessing them, we will find that we’ve always known them, but simply lost contact with them through the conditioning of family, friends, colleagues, our education, society in general, etc.

In preparation for the teachings, please enjoy this introduction from our presenting teachers Hameed Ali (A. H. Almaas) and Christof Bosch.

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