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Lightness of Being

For the very first time, the Ridhwan School will be offering a deeper level of the Diamond Approach teaching online. “Lightness of Being” is a six-part series that will run over six weekends between February and August 2021. It will explore the lataif (plural of latifa), those subtle qualities of our being that invite us to experience the pure, unshakable truth of what we are, helping dispel the belief that we are individuals who are somehow separate from our spirit. 

Each latifa takes us beyond our ordinary cognitive world into the realm of lived, embodied experience of these subtle qualities, allowing us to touch into our inner seeing, inner hearing, inner tasting. This in turn makes our experiences richer and fuller, allowing the human spirit to thrive and expand.

Though the lataif are exquisitely subtle, they are nevertheless relatively easy to access and can be experienced in both dual and non-dual states of being. For this reason, “Lightness of Being” is both an excellent introduction to the Diamond Approach, as well as an opportunity for seasoned spiritual seekers to sink more deeply into each of the qualities and taste some of the depth this path has to offer.

The series will also be required for all students who enroll in our first-ever Diamond Approach Online group, expected to begin meeting in Fall 2021. Since COVID-19 began, we moved all current in-person groups online for the sake of safety. The kinds of experiences that emerged from this transition have been inspiring, so we feel there is real possibility for offering an ongoing group in this format.

At the heart of this offering is our intention to develop an international group of committed students from many cultures and backgrounds who can continue with the group for some time. This is a novel opportunity for those who want to engage with this path in an ongoing way but are unable to participate in our usual, preferred in-person style. This group is for new students only.

“Our journey,” says Karen Johnson of the new six-part series, “is relevant to anybody who’s interested in finding out more about who you are and what your relationship is to your inner truth, your god, your true nature.”

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