Living with Wisdsom Series – LW-LWW-SU21

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Many spiritual traditions teach us that our minds are obstacles on the inner journey, something we must transcend for us to be truly enlightened. The Diamond Approach, however, teaches us how to use our true mind to free us from the limitations of our conditioning and awaken us to the timeless truth of who and what we are.

This 3-part series introduces us to true mind and the steps that are necessary for being our essential presence in the world and functioning with wisdom. We will learn how to free the mind of the influence of the inner judge, how to use the mind to open our everyday experience beyond our fixed perceptions, and how one’s mind becomes a great ally that is actually needed for the process of spiritual awakening.

As we discover the ways in which true mind is essential for traversing the path, we can find a more enlightened view and appreciation for our mind, and its innate capacities and deeper potential. We are able to mindfully and heartfully integrate what we know and understand to be the truth and live with wisdom.

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