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A 3-Lesson Video Mini-Series from Hameed and Karen

We get many questions about how spirituality is relevant for the difficulties of the world these days and how does the teaching address these situations?  How does it help us deal with them?

We explored this question head-on in the Quasar retreat that we taught in 2018 at the Ridhwan Center in Berkeley, California. At that event, we acknowledged the polarization that is happening in the world, in our families and communities, and in our own consciousness; and we invited in a new application of the Teaching.

Here is a brief introduction to that teaching from Karen and Hameed. In this mini-teaching series, we start to explore the impact of current world events on us and how our Work can support the challenges of these difficult times in our day to day lives.  At the end, they will describe a new online global experience that brings this new application of the Teaching to the student body and the wider world.

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