Spiritual Wisdom of the Body Series – SB-SWB-EV

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Many of us have limitations to entering into our bodies. We may have experienced trauma that made our bodies feel like unsafe places to be. Or we may have grown up in cultures or spiritual traditions that teach that the body is separate from spirituality, something we must transcend, or a source of impulses we must deny.

But the Diamond Approach path offers humanity another possibility, one of a fully embodied spirituality. In The Spiritual Wisdom of the Body, we will explore this perspective in-depth through a series of five teachings that will help us know for ourselves, the radical unseparateness of body and being.

In each of the weekends, we’ll engage in experiential practices, exercises, and teachings that will help us learn about and begin to move through the blocks we all experience to living a fully embodied life. We will explore ways to reconnect with our bodies, release our painful histories, and turn towards our bodies with love so they can become something new that expresses the truth of who we really are.

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