Diamond Approach Online Information Statement

  • The following describes the Ridhwan Foundation, the Diamond Approach and the spiritual work and conduct of Ridhwan Teachers and students. This Information Statement is applicable to your work with any Ridhwan Teacher who teaches the Diamond Approach and works with you online. Your questions about any part of it are welcome.

    The Ridhwan Foundation is the spiritual organization based in the United States that holds the teaching of the Diamond Approach, and the legal structure that gives its ordained an d qualified teachers the authority to teach and guide students in this spiritual path.

    The Diamond Approach® is spiritual path and not a psychotherapy or therapy of any kind, nor is it an approach to healing, or a means to address psychological or physical injuries. Neither is it for enhancing external areas of practical life–financial, social, sexual, professional, or otherwise. Rather it is simply oriented towards the natural spiritual development of the soul. Healing or practical benefits may result as by-products of spiritual development and maturation, but pursuing these for their own sake is not part of the Diamond Approach.

    Ridhwan Students are members of the Ridhwan Foundation who are engaged with the path of the Diamond Approach. Ridhwan Teachers only work with students who are members. If you are not already a member, you are considered a provisional member while you are participating in the program or group named above and in any online Diamond Approach offering. You are also agreeing to the protocols and guidelines for online conduct specified by the Ridhwan Teacher for participants of online programs.

    Signing this statement affords you a provisional member status and indicates you have received and understand this information statement.

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