Diamond Path Orientation

How to Engage More Deeply in the Teachings

Intrigued by an Experience of the Diamond Approach?
Now What?

Something drew you to the Diamond Approach and led you to explore one of the various offerings. You may find yourself resonating with and feeling impacted by what you experienced and wanting to know how to go deeper.

In this free online orientation, we’ll share more with you about the rich history of the school, give you a tour of the various ways to engage with the teaching, and get answers to common questions from a Diamond Approach teacher.  You’ll also hear from Diamond Approach students who share their experiences of being on the path and part of the worldwide Ridhwan School community.

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“We come to the Diamond Approach to wake up to more of who we are. This necessarily means waking up to difficult places as well as beautiful places. The Diamond Approach uses those difficult places as doorways to deeper waking up and understanding."

This orientation will help you get answers to these common questions:

What does it mean to become an official member of the school?

Can someone work with a private teacher before joining an official group?

How do I find out if there’s an in-person group near me and what are the the steps to join?

What if there isn’t a group in my area yet?

"There was something familiar, like maybe a tribe that I once belonged to and could belong to again."


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