Glossary of Terms

The following a list of terms and definitions used in the Diamond Approach.

Ego: The conditioned part of individual consciousness. We each born as an individual consciousness expressing the larger spiritual truth. Our individual consciousness is impacted and influenced by everything it encounters—physical reality and the people in it, especially family, and specifically, parents. These encounters leave lasting impressions that pattern and structure the individual consciousness. The accumulation of impressions become integrated together as one overarching structure. This is the ego.

Essence: The true nature of the soul or individual consciousness. It is true nature in relation to the soul.

Essential Qualities: The expressions of true nature in differentiated pure forms within individual experience.

Presence: One of the ways true nature manifests. Consciousness aware of its being which is its inherent existence. Awareness and existence are one and the same. A more extensive discussion of this is in the course.

Realization: When the soul knows its nature is what it is. Nondual experience of true nature. In any of its manifestations or expressions.

Soul: Individual consciousness that is an expression of the universal consciousness, which is true nature. It is like the wave of the ocean. If the universal nature is the ocean, the soul is one of its waves. It is what animates the body during physical existence and where all experiences arise.

True Nature: The authentic primordial unconstructed nature of everything.

For more terms and definitions used in the Diamond Approach, visit the Glossary of Spiritual Wisdom here.

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