Free Diamond Approach in Daily Life e-course

Learn the Diamond Approach from Home

Diamond Approach Online (DAO) is a program of the Diamond Net and offers live events, interactive programs, online courses within or related to the teachings of the Diamond Approach. Our mission is to offer universal support for personal unfoldment for all who are interested in the Diamond Approach.

DAO courses are taught by experienced Diamond Approach teachers authorized by the Ridhwan Foundation, including founders A. H. Almaas (Hameed Ali), and Karen Johnson.

Courses are usually four to twelve weeks and are either broadcast live or through high-quality video recordings. Each course is supported by interactive exercises and online discussions with participants from around the world. They include live question-and-answer segments so participants have the opportunity to interact directly with the teachers of each course. Multiple learning approaches engage participants so that the learning is more likely to be deep and lasting.

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