Is There an Ultimate Reality? – Part 4

Entanglement of spiritual traditions

Godel's two theroms

It is my understanding that this is an interesting outcome of the meeting of traditions in our time. We do not have to adhere to an ultimate but we can. We do not need to take a view whether ultimates is a valid way of expressing reality or completeness is, for they both do and many others also do. Freedom becomes the value, and it is both defined and defies definition. But it expresses itself as the all rounded openness for ourselves as the very reality to express itself in whatever way its intelligence moves it. There is no end to realization, kinds and types of awakening, or enlightenment and completeness. There is no end for Reality – Being or God -is simply too infinite and indeterminate to be circumscribed by any experience, realization, insight, teaching or understanding. Remembering Godel’s proof, we see how for a teaching to be self consistent it cannot be complete. There is bound to be fundamental truths about reality and its nature not encompassed by it.

Because realization now can embody and express several ultimates simultaneously, we can deal with our changing world with its complexity more adequately.

We can operate from dual, nondual, uni local and other realizations simultaneously without contradiction or discord, depending on what is needed for the moment. Life is both a celebration of the majesty of reality and a profundity of learning that has no end. It is also living comfortably with indeterminacy, which some might see as insecurity or uncertainty. Love and compassion continue to express the fullness of reality, and do so with intelligence and precise clarity. Our horizons are expanded for we see not simply spirit or spirituality, but the spiritual universe with all of its realms and potentialities.

This is what the path of the Diamond Approach contributes to the contemplation. As some might have noticed, I did not have to resort to the post modern views of the relativity of experience depending on culture, history and so on. Realization, if it is real, is independent of such relativity of time and space. Yet, there are differences to the unity of Being. And they can be understood without resorting to cultural or personal relativity.

In conclusion

There is no assertion that what is given here is the only possible solution, or that other’s solutions are not valid or less complete. To make such assertion is to contradict the view of totality. By offering what the Diamond Approach has found I am opening the discussion again, and hopefully for it to go deeper and be more inclusive and more open.

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