Ridhwan Foundation Diamond Net Recording Policy

Each course session will be audio and video recorded. The recordings will live on the Ridhwan Foundation password-protected Vimeo account accessible only to course registrants with the intention of participants to review the course material and stored on the Ridhwan Foundation private Microsoft Sharepoint servers for archiving purposes. In some cases, the course will be made available as a standalone product available for purchase at a later date by the general public.

By checking on this box, you agree on the collection and on the processing and publication of the audio and video recordings. If you do not agree with your image or voice being recorded and published, you may leave the box unchecked and you are still welcome to attend the course without disadvantage. Recording consent is entirely optional.

Additionally, if you do consent now, you have the option of withdrawing consent at any time following registration. If you would like to withdraw consent at any time, please email DAOsupport@ridhwan.org and include the following information:

  • The full name and email address you used to register for the course
  • The name you used when participating in the Zoom meeting, if different than your name used during registration.
  • The course title and start date
  • Your request to withdraw recording consent
Please note that recording this event yourself or sharing the recording is strictly prohibited.


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