Role of the Body: Perception & Expression/Extension

Exploring the secrets and treasure of the body

When we refer to the body, we include the mind, the emotions, the senses – all that the body makes possible.

The Body’s
Greatest Secret
It Reveals
All Secrets

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We live in a rich and abundant world of perception and experience where the potential and possibilities are infinite. However, the world we perceive is not the world that is there.

The body is an organ of perception and expression. It is the vehicle of extension for consciousness into this universe the body inhabits. The role of the mind is to interpret perception and experience in relation to the body. This is fundamental to the survival of this biological organism of ours.

Our body/mind’s capacities are very limited and those limitations are one of the factors that prevent us from seeing and experiencing this world as it is.

The human eye is only capable of perceiving about 0.0035 percent of the electromagnetic spectrum. That is an infinitesimal amount of the available data.

How about the human ear? The human ear has a hearing range of between 20 and 20,000 Hz. However, elephants can hear waves as low as 14 Hz, cats can hear up to 64,000 Hz frequencies, and bats can sometimes pick up noises as high as 200,000 Hz. Electromagnetic waves from space are reduced 1.75 trillion times to make them audible to our ears.

Other consequences of this perceptual filtering are psychological buffering and distortion. This is not a bad thing, but simply the way it is. We fool ourselves into thinking we know what this world is.

To think we perceive, much less know, what is – well, that’s interesting. And yet, for the most part, life is pretty good and exciting as we perceive it.

electro-magnetic spectrum perception

Perception is not all that is limited

The brain, our central processing unit, also has its limitations. The data coming in via the five senses are processed by the brain according to what is already known. Perception is interpreted in a way that makes sense to a specific individual.

In effect, we are taking limited data and dumbing it down to the needs of a particular organism.

What we see is what we learned.

Check out the history of our ability to see the color blue and this on perceptual learning AND for sure check out An Argument Against Reality – Why You Can’t Trust Your Senses for some fun.

Moving beyond “seeing (perceiving) is believing”

Even though it is only capable of rendering or reflecting an approximation of what is out there, the body contains the gateways into the infinite depth and expanse of reality. Through practicing with the body, we can begin to discover that the body’s perceptual systems are not just limiting-they can also be a powerful conduit for wholeness and the soul’s experience in this dimension of reality.

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