Spirituality in a Fractured World

A 10 Week Online Journey to Help You Reconcile with the World’s Discord and Return to Wholeness

A Note From A.H. Almaas

I started out as a physicist and mathematician. I was a scientist who then became a psychologist before realizing what I was looking for was the truth of reality and the truth of myself. I became engaged in spiritual teachings and worked with therapists and teachers to clarify my personal history and realize my spiritual nature.  

Our spirit is the essence of who we are, just like the atoms that make up the body. We are all connected. We are waves of the same ocean. Our essence is that which is beyond appearances, ideas, feelings, and sensations. It’s our invisible core, our true self, our authenticity. When we’re in touch with our authenticity without any filters or preconceived notions of who you are or who I am, we open ourselves up to experiencing the nakedness of truth.  

Spirituality is engagement with this truth. Being on a spiritual path means taking a turn inward, becoming interested in more than appearances. It means being in touch with the real depth of where our human goodness comes from.   

If you’re ready for a love affair, a passionate immersion into your internal treasures that will allow you the pleasure of your own beauty and the beauty of others, you’re in the right place.  

If you’re ready to ask yourself, “is this the deepest thing I am?” and “what else can I be?”, your essence of goodness may be ready to come out, even in the face of the world’s great dysfunction. As such, I’m deeply honored to offer you a path to wholeness that has been long-waiting to come through: Spirituality in a Fractured World.


A. H. Almaas

A.H. Almaas (Hameed Ali)

“This is not fast food for the soul. This path is a love affair. It is a passionate and immersing, drowning in love, love affair.”

We Are In a Sorry State of Affairs in the World

Not just throughout the United States, but throughout the world. It’s full of conflict, chaos, polarization, and negativity. Nations are warring, fascism threatens democratic institutions, and nationalism is creating division and opposition across the globe. On top of all this, the world is now struggling with the coronavirus pandemic.

There are good things happening, but the chaos is becoming more extreme. Anger, fear, distrust, and opposition is an epidemic. It’s a difficult time, and there is a lack of empathy across our species.

Even though climate change is scientifically proven, there’s still disagreement. We are devolving, instead of moving forward. Our reactivity is creating a wedge that is fracturing our families, our communities, and our countries. We need to see and acknowledge this discord within ourselves first in order to reach harmony in the world.

By applying spiritual teachings to our current situation, this course will first reveal where we are — where you are. Then it will address how to deal with it; how to return to wholeness, where we’re not divided internally, where our hearts and minds are companions rather than disparate parts of ourselves. The more you are spiritual, the more you will connect with others. The more you will realize that we are all the same and beautifully unique without contradiction.


Learn How to Be In the World, But Not of It

“Not of it” means your essential nature is not in the physical world that people know. “In the world” means being grounded in your situation and bringing the spiritual goodness and mystery into the actions and interactions of your personal life. It means you are in the reality of the moment; you are free from the influences of the world that disconnect us from our nature.   

This course is about understanding, compassion, and bringing our humanity to bear so that, hopefully, we will have a chance to move the world towards the better.  

Spirituality in a Fractured World takes a look at your inner conflicts, the difficulty of those inner conflicts, our reactions to the world’s situation, our inability to deal with certain things, and suggestions and practices on bringing ourselves more fully in it, in a productive way.   

We invite you to join us on a transformational journey over the next 10 weeks, that will help you to find your way in to that wellspring of being that you know is there, but you may not know how to access.

“Nothing is as important as who you truly are—your essence, which is pure Being.”

Spirituality In a Fractured World
Will Help You...


Get a different, deeper perspective and discover that true tranquility exists when you’re in touch with something real


Change your relationship with emotional triggers by experiencing less charge in life


Be yourself more authentically, which the world needs now


Be more peaceful, solid and grounded during life transitions — the good and the challenging ones


Experience more space, more objectivity, more thoughtfulness in making choices


Feel more satisfied and supported in daily life

“We are here to inspire people to take the risk to go within, to face the sorrow, the demons, to trust the transformation. We don’t have to leave this earth, or live in a cave.”

Here’s Everything You’ll Receive When You Enroll


10 Weeks of Spiritual & Self-Realization Training
Spirituality In a Fractured World Online Course with teachers, A. Hameed Ali and Karen Johnson

Meditations, Teachings & Interactive Exercises
Spiritual Practices Designed Specifically for the Present Day and Current Climate of the World

Recorded Q&C Sessions with Hameed & Karen
To Deeply Explore the Course and Hear Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


What a few participants said about their experience

“This year may very well turn out to be one of the most important years in our lifetimes in terms of impacting the future on not only me personally but the world as a whole. I, for one, will be taking the course again because I want as much support as I can get to have my eyes wide open and to be at peace with myself and the world and not look away.

“Spirituality in a Fractured World was richly rewarding. I was jazzed to hear Hameed and Karen talk about the hot mess of our everyday world, about the painful expressions we encounter in our everyday lives... and then not using spirituality as a means of escape from the world’s problems, but as a richly varied method to fully encounter them. The promise of authentic Presence continues to pull me through many of the world’s false dichotomies.

I can choose to engage more fully by diving into and beyond my pain, experiencing glimmers of the immanent truth within our human struggles, and sharing that awareness with others.

“This Spirituality in a Fractured World was extraordinary for me - it gave me an opportunity to deeply explore how I live my life in the real world and how aware I am of how I am living with other beings and with nature and with this planet.

I’d heard the Ridhwan phrase “in the world, but not of it” many times, but during Spirituality in a Fractured World was the first time I really felt what it meant in my soul and my mind and my body. If even some small part of you is curious how to live in the real world as part of your spiritual path - then take the course. It will support you and those you care about being more authentic in your lives.

Here’s What You’ll Explore in the Course

Module 1:

Fractured Unity

How does spiritual practice integrate with the world, especially when it’s in turmoil and distress?

In Module 1, you will be invited to explore how you are being impacted by what is happening in the world around us. How is it affecting your outlook on the world and your personal life? What you are doing about it in yourself, in your spiritual practices, and in relation to social and political issues?

Module 2:

Open Window

How can we be truly open to others? Discovering true openness within ourselves is our ally in healing discord.

In Module 2, you will discuss positions you have about world issues, explore why you are not open to other points of view, and what it’s like for you to be open to alternate points of view.

Module 3:

Red Dragon

How can difficult emotions such as anger, fear, and resentment be transmuted into liberation? True strength is needed and you will learn how anger can be a gateway to this strength.

In Module 3, you will discuss situations in the world that frighten you and make you angry. You will also discuss the ways you experience your expansive strength and “wake up” to our underlying unity.

Module 4:

The Green Guide

Compassion is essential in healing the  pain of discord. Learn how to access greater compassion in yourself and act from the ethics of our natural condition of openness, respect, and love.

In Module 4, we will discuss things you feel hurt about and what you do to avoid emotional hurt. We will then inquire into how the emotional pain we avoid is actually a portal to the very compassion we most need.

Module 5:

It’s All Good

Develop basic trust in the underlying goodness of life, which softens our defenses and creates opportunities to be in touch with true inner resources.

In Module 5, we will discuss ways that you experience basic trust and ways it may be limited for you. We will also discuss world situations that impact that trust and discover how fear itself can be a gateway into deepening our trust in life’s unfolding.

Module 6:

Divine Emissaries

There is a goodness that is inherent in all of us.  But how can we act from that goodness in the face of all the chaos in the world?  How can each of us be true representatives of inner goodness and bring that quality to bear in our life situations and the world?

In Module 6, we will explore how you are able to express the inner goodness you have experienced and what may stand in the way.  We’ll look at specific areas that are important to you (racism, nationalism, climate change, etc.) and explore how that goodness comes out in those areas and how it is limited.

Module 7:

The Inner Warrior

The confidence, support, steadfastness, and solidity that we need to navigate the world in these times has to come from inside, from our own spiritual potential, not from life circumstances or external structures and safeguards.

In Module 7, you’ll tap into the inner quality that can give us the mooring we need to feel grounded and help us recognize the indestructible refuge that is always available and here to help us.

Module 8:

Riding the Tsunami

The chaos of the world can feel overwhelming, like a powerful tsunami that sweeps us away and makes it challenging to stay engaged in the spiritual practices we need to feel grounded and able to take action in our lives.

In Module 8, we will explore ways we can “ride the tsunami” and harness the chaotic energies in the world to support our inner practice and our ability to take meaningful action.

Module 9:

Diamond Planet

Critical thinking has come to be considered a threat by some in these times of political unrest. A dangerous situation is created when we are taught NOT to think and not to trust any information except from sources that support our usual way of thinking.

In Module 9, we will explore how our political positions have developed and how rigid or open our views are.  We will learn how openness is necessary for true learning at any level.

Module 10:

Utterly Human

What does it mean to be truly human? When people talk about “human nature,” they are often referring to our flaws:  the ways we act out, are reactive, angry, etc. But true human nature is an underlying unity that goes beyond just connecting us all: It is what we ARE, deeply and truly.

In Module 10, you will explore the ways you have been impacted by all that you have learned in the course. You will learn what it means to be truly human and in touch with our deepest nature, as well as the ways your participation in this inner work ripples out into the world to the benefit of all humanity.

Meet Your Teachers

A.H. Almaas (Hameed Ali)

A. H. Almaas (Hameed Ali)

A.H. Almaas (pen name for Hameed Ali) is the founder of the Diamond Approach to Self-Realization, a contemporary teaching that developed within the context of both ancient spiritual teachings and modern depth psychology theories. He has authored eighteen books about spiritual realization, including the Diamond Heart series, The Pearl Beyond Price, The Void, and The Alchemy of Freedom.  

He is the founder of the Ridhwan School for Spiritual Development, an inner work school devoted to the realization of True Nature. The orientation of the school is directed toward guiding students to realize their true nature to the fullest realization and further still to endless enlightenment.

Karen Johnson

Karen Johnson

Karen Johnson is the co-developer of the Diamond Approach as it is taught in the Ridhwan School today, having worked alongside Hameed Ali (A. H. Almaas) for the last 40 years. Karen was trained in art and dance and began the journey into the spiritual universe at 14 years old with the guidance of her parents.   

First, she was introduced to yoga and meditation and then learned about other forms of spiritual practice, which allowed her to develop her innate paranormal capacities. After attending California College of Arts and Crafts, she befriended Hameed Ali, and with him began a new trajectory into the secrets of the universe of Being, which became the Diamond Approach. Karen also received an MA in psychology at JFK University in 1990 and is the author of two books, The Jeweled Path: The Biography of the Diamond Approach to Inner Realization and The Power of Divine Eros: The Illuminating Force of Love in Everyday Life. She continues to venture into new explorations of the endless realms of our miraculous Nature.

What is the Ridhwan School?

“Ridhwan” is a Sufi word. It means “satisfied and satisfying.” Our school, home to more than 4,000 students across the globe, has the potential to both help you to be fulfilled and to help others be fulfilled. Students learn to ground, sensitize, recognize, and trust the inherent guidance of Being.

What is the Diamond Approach?

The Diamond Approach is the core teaching of the Ridhwan School, a spiritual path that approaches our ordinary experiences, emotions, and sensations in a friendly way of understanding. This radical acceptance of our situation allows something to come through that puts us in touch with our spirituality and the deepest truth of who and what we really are.   

In the Diamond Approach, everything we experience is utilized as a doorway to our spiritual nature. Rather than negating or seeking to transcend parts of our humanness that are considered barriers to realization, we learn to approach each aspect of our physical, emotional, and mental experience with acceptance and open curiosity to discover its truth. We do meditation and other exercises, but the main method is inquiry: non-judgment of what we’re experiencing, which brings crisp clarity into one’s own truth.

“The main method is inquiry, an investigation of your own personal experience. Inquiry is not just a mental investigation but one that involves sensing, feeling deeply, and understanding all of your experience.”


What’s included in the program?

Your enrollment includes access to 10 weeks of online guidance, experiential practices, meditations, and pre-recorded Q&C sessions. All your recordings and teachings will be available in a private learning portal for easy access.

Are the sessions live or pre-recorded?

The course is pre-recorded and you are welcome to follow the 10-week structure or go at your own pace.

Will you be mailing anything to me or is everything digital?

Once payment is received you will receive an email with your login details, then you are officially in! You will receive everything in your email inbox, including instructions on how to access the course. Please be sure to double check your spam folder.

Do you offer financial assistance such as scholarships for online courses?

Yes! To apply for financial assistance for any of our courses, click here to complete a scholarship application.

What if I have questions?

We’re here to support you on your journey and help with any questions you may have about enrolling and accessing the course. For support please email daosupport@ridhwan.org. Be sure to add this address to your contact list so we don’t end up in your Junk/Spam/Promotions folder. But please check there just in case!

Is there a refund policy?

Yes. If you are dissatisfied with the course —for any reason—simply contact us within 30 days of enrollment.

Are You Ready to Recycle Destructive Energy and Live In Unity?

To make online spiritual support more accessible to our global community, we offer two additional “Pay It Forward” payment options in addition to the regular fee. For those who need help, we offer a reduced tuition option, and for those who are able to help, we offer the chance to add a “Pay It Forward” addition to regular tuition, with those additions going directly to provide scholarship opportunities for others.

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