Curiosity: God’s Way of Having Fun

Without curiosity, there is no life!

What is curiosity?

curiosity life

There are three truths in the above quote:

  • Reality is knowledge. It is Unity. Therefore, all knowledge is connected.
  • The comparative mind knows by making connections – associations.
  • Making the connections can be delightful and – it can scare the pants off us.

In contrast to the way the comparative mind “knows,” the soul’s inherent capacity for knowing is experiential. It knows by being not comparing.

Is a strong desire to know or learn something the extent of defining curiosity? No! Curiosity is beyond this and lives at the core of reality. Curiosity is essential for creation, manifestation, the very mechanics of life, and, of course, knowledge.

The saying “God wanted to know itself, so it created the world” points to this deeper truth and understanding of curiosity. For experience to be possible, perception is needed, thus, the importance of awareness and knowing.

Knowledge as Being is God Knowing Itself

Knowing, perceiving, questioning, experiencing – it is all a cosmic dialectic. God/Reality as one point of reality is interacting with itself as another point. The exchange is revelation or knowing.

God curiosity

Curiosity has its own reason for existing. – Albert Einstein

Existence is the reason for curiosity. You can’t have one without the other. Of course, those who think curiosity is a mental phenomenon confined to concepts, questions, and personal interest at the mercy of a need for stimulation may not be able to penetrate into the deeper secrets of curiosity.

We might say that curiosity is the magnetic twinkling force between all the particulars of the Unity as it manifests in its display of multiplicity. However, some say that magnetism is love. Indeed it is!

This is part of the secret knowledge of Love of Truth for Its Own Sake. Love loves love. Love loves loving. Love and loving are not separate. Where there is love, there is loving and where there is loving, there is love. And right at the center of that noun/verbing reality is curiosity – part and parcel of the cosmic matrix.

curious crow cosmos

Crows of the Cosmos

Beguiling, bedazzling, enchanting, mesmerizing, awe, magical… words often used to describe the direct perception of reality. Words embued with the dynamism of curiosity.

Reality is beauty – seductive and blissful to behold. Seduction is not a spectator sport. One does not simply see. One is bedazzled, fully seduced, every cell, every atom, every quark affected, beguiled.

We are like crows of the cosmos. We can’t leave the shiny object alone. It captures our attention. It’s kaleidoscopic, changing moment to moment with full-frontal, full-throttled fascination.

This is curiosity – beyond what and why.

Inquiry: Freefall into Reality

Imagine being indestructible like Superman without the kryptonite factor. If you wanted to explore and get intimate with a star, you just dive into it! While we may harbor fears, concerns, and trauma about the body, our heart, and the past, our soul remains unblemished and as pristine as ever.

Feeling vulnerable is often the kryptonite of human experience. What’s the difference between feeling vulnerable and being vulnerable? We live in a body that is extremely vulnerable, but often put it in a four-wheeled projectile and propel it down the road with nary a thought, much less a feeling, of our physical vulnerability.

But, put us in an intimate setting with other humans and ask about feelings – whoa! – too dangerous, put me back in the chaos of freeway-threat to life and limb.

The situation is, of course, we remain identified with our past, its fears, and wounding – so we remain unconvinced of our invincibility as an existential presence. NO PROBLEM, open-ended inquiry is the perfect methodology to bring the light of awareness to liberate us from the past.

embodied inquiry curiosity

FREE Your Curiosity

Join Diamond Approach teacher, Jessica Britt for Adventures in Embodied Inquiry. This evergreen-course exploration will help you discover how to use the practice of inquiry to liberate the stuck places and to come to know yourself in a truly embodied way that has the potential to transform your life.

Let curiosity unpack the secrets to what matters most to you.

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