Nondual Love

A Book Talk with A. H. Almaas
from March 2023

Please enjoy the recording of this event below.

More About the Diamond Approach

Learn about the different pathways to engage:

In this free online orientation, we’ll share more with you about the rich history of the school, give you a tour of the various ways to engage with the teaching, and get answers to common questions from a Diamond Approach teacher. You’ll also hear from Diamond Approach students who share their experiences of being on the path and part of the worldwide Ridhwan School community.

Explore the Foundational Teachings:

Lightness of Being is a 6-part online course that is both an excellent introduction to the core teachings of the Diamond Approach – as well as an opportunity for seasoned spiritual seekers to experience the transformative power of this path.

Explore in a more personalized way with a certified Diamond Approach Teacher:

Private sessions are one-on-one meetings with a Diamond Approach teacher. Your teacher will work  closely with you to explore barriers you are facing in your personal life,  help you move through limitations to reconnect you with your true nature, and support you in integrating that deeper nature into your  day-to-day life.

Join an In-Person Group:

Ongoing, long-term groups meet on weekends or for longer retreats with a core Diamond Approach teaching team. Students in these groups often work together over the course of many years, getting to know one another deeply, and growing together spiritually and as human beings. There are thousands of committed students on this path today with groups meeting regularly across Europe, Australia/New Zealand, Asia, Africa, and North America. Many students travel from around the world to study and be with their companions in these deeply supportive spaces for transformation.

Attend a Public Event in Your Region:

Teachers and groups regularly host events that are open to the public. This is a great way to learn more about the path and connect with spiritual community.

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