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Will to Be:
The White Latifa

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This event took place on May 29 & 30.

Experiencing True Freedom

What most of us think of as our free will is actually a way of controlling—or trying to control—what is going to happen. It is what society thinks of as “iron will” or “willpower,” believing only we as separate human selves have the power to effect change and progress.

But in fact, the conventional sense of free will is outwardly directed and ignores the larger universal will. We never ask, “Why do I want this or that result?” And wanting one thing or the other to happen can often be contrary to the natural flow of reality.

The way the Diamond Approach sees will is very different: as something that is aligned with the harmonious unfoldment of reality. When we are in that alignment, our actions don’t merely feel free; they are free.

When we are not aligned, our conventional idea of free will is still operating through our old psychological  filters, simply repeating the patterns and strategies we developed as children to exert our freedom. In that way, it actually limits our options. Instead, true will begins with an openness to what arises, and invites us to choose actions that are effective and appropriate for our natural unfoldment.
Initially, though, it can feel as though surrendering our conventional idea of will is collapsing or giving up, submitting to the will of another, and robbing us of our agency.

Working with the white latifa can also bring up early experiences in which we felt forced into certain shapes or into obedience to someone else’s view. This can stir up  the sense of helplessness we felt in those circumstances. But if we can be with the helplessness, it can reveal that our discomfort and resistance to it is what created the reactions at the core of our conventional  “free will.” And we can finally move beyond them.

“We don't need to control because we can trust reality. And the support of reality itself supports our true will…
so we can relax that tense way of trying to control what's happening.”

In the “Will to Be” We Will Learn That...

Our need to control through our will is based on our early reactions to helplessness

Challenging our old assumptions about will can bring us closer to the actual, pure quality of true will

Coming closer to this quality by letting go of our conventional sense of will can open us to infinite possibilities for real freedom, agency, and right action in the world

There is no need to control situations when we can trust reality

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Cristof Bosch, Diamond Approach Teacher

Christof Bosch

Christof Bosch grew up in Germany, but his father was connected to Ananda Mayee Ma, a spiritual teacher in Northern India. Christof met her in his teens and found himself on an inner journey that led him to the Diamond Approach 20 years later. In between, Christof’s search brought him to ecology and philosophy. After studying forestry, he worked as a consultant for soil ecology and for many years he run an organic farm in Bavaria, where he still lives. He is a teacher of  the Diamond Approach since 2006.


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