Divine, Nondual Love

Boundless nondual cosmic (Universal, Christ) love

Many people are involved in yoga and meditation. Undoubtedly, they have discovered the many benefits of these practices, which range from increased physical strength and flexibility to greater emotional balance and inner peace. However, the true spirit of yoga and meditation lies not just in their ability to improve our physical and mental well-being, but in their potential to connect us to the divine.

Through spiritual practice, we can begin to access the deeper aspects of our being and discover the soul as an inseparable offspring of true nature, a child of the divine. We can experience the body of light, the drop of grace that embodies the total potential of the transcendent, but in a particular and individual manner. We can realize that the soul is the expression of the love and grace of true nature and the carrier of this love in the world of manifestation. As we continue to deepen our practice, we can better understand the soul as the organ of experience and expression of true nature and the organ of consciousness of Reality.

We invite you to inquire deeper into your experience to discover divine love and grace within you. Take time to reflect on the knowledge and mysteries of true nature, and celebrate its beauty and magic. As you continue to connect with the divine, you will find that your understanding of yourself, and the world around you, will grow deeper and more profound.

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As one delves deeper into the dimension of Divine, Nondual Love, this realization will manifest in daily life in various ways. This dimension’s soothing and lulling, yet scintillating, vital nature will bring a sense of peaceful radiance to our mind, body, and heart. This will result in naturally releasing tensions, anxieties, and concerns. Our activities become more easygoing and carefree.

Divine love, nondual love, universal love, or cosmic love, returns us to a sense of wholeness and completeness by helping us remember our essence, our essential self. This kind of love is conscious and loving at the same time, and it unifies all aspects of essence. When we experience Nondual Love, we understand the action of love and how it is balanced and harmonized in any situation.

Nondual Love allows all aspects of essence to be free and available without blockage. As a result, we can operate from the perspective of Divine Love and see that the manifestation of love is balanced. The loving action is a balancing and harmonizing action. This kind of love is mysterious, as the abundance and cosmic universal goodness are actually the expression and radiance of the harmony of Being. And the Mystery is also that essence in all its aspects can be present in a harmonious totality. Divine Love is an expression of the harmony of the totality.

Everything is in harmony with everything else. Nothing is excluded. Our will is in harmony with our compassion, our compassion is in harmony with our joy, our joy is in harmony with our anger, our anger is in harmony with our body, our body is in harmony with our ego, and our ego is in harmony with other people. There is no conflict anywhere. Everything fits and functions as a togetherness, as a oneness. That oneness is us.

Reconnecting with Divine, Nondual Love and our essence is a process of shifting focus from seeking to exploring. We often think of reconnection as something that needs to be found, but the truth is that we are already whole and complete. We are essence. The idea that we need to “go get” our essence keeps us disconnected and separate because we are identified with the seeker, the one who does not have what is sought.

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We must shift our orientation from seeking to exploring what is in front of us right now to reconnect with Divine Love and essence. This means exploring what is in the way of being aware of our essential self in this moment. This can involve practices such as meditation, mindfulness, and self-inquiry. These practices allow us to observe our thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations without judgment or attachment. As we do this, we begin to see that these experiences are not who we are but rather temporary expressions of our being.

Additionally, we can reconnect with essence by cultivating a sense of gratitude and appreciation for the present moment. Recognizing and appreciating the present moment’s beauty and wonder helps shift focus from the past and future toward the present. It also helps remind us that we are not separate from the world but rather an integral part of it.

Ultimately, reconnecting with Divine, Nondual Love and essence is a process of letting go of the idea that we need to seek something outside of ourselves. We are already whole and complete, and by shifting our focus to exploring what is in the way of being aware of our essential self, we can reconnect with the love and oneness that is our true nature.

In summary, Divine, Nondual Love returns us to a sense of wholeness and completeness by helping us remember essence and our essential self, by unifying all aspects of our being, and by allowing them to function in harmony and balance. This kind of love is the very nature of the Mystery and brings us to a state of oneness and togetherness where we are complete and fulfilled.

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Almaas is someone who I consider—and this is a big phrase to use, and it’s not a phrase that I use often—a true spiritual genius.” —Tami Simon, Founder, Sounds True

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