2021 a Year of Spiritual Wisdom & Knowledge

Wisdom is our Diamond Approach theme for 2021

The Ridhwan Foundation is referring to 2021 as the Year of Wisdom. Our public events and teachings will focus on different types of wisdom knowledge through both mental knowledge and personal experience. 

In 2020, our public events focused on love, which is necessary and important to bring in the ground of unity. Love is the fuel for the journey. It brings us into our experience with care and interest.

The heart is a baseline for our sense of what is human but being human is not complete without mind. The conventional mind has been seen by most spiritual teachings as an obstacle to one’s spiritual development and awakening. Ordinarily it is for many of us: our conventional mind has grown in a way that patterns our ongoing experience, instead of illuminating it.

These ongoing patterns, which are made up of beliefs and concepts that the conventional mind habitually uses to determine what we experience, impedes opening to the glistening mind of Being, the source of infinite wisdom, which requires the immediacy of experience. With wisdom and understanding, we can liberate and develop the mind into the high functioning spiritual instrument that is a part of our human potential. 

In 2021, we’ll be posting on the wisdom of:

  • Passion
  • Basic Trust 
  • Theory of Holes  
  • Witnessing
  • Presence
  • Inquiry – wisdom and discernment
  • Essential Aspects – pearls of wisdom
  • Boundless Dimensions – infinite wisdom
  • Ultimates
  • In The World, Not of It  

What is wisdom?

Definition of wisdom:The dictionary says wisdom is the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; the quality of being wise. It defines wise as having or showing experience, knowledge, and good judgment.

Seems like looping words. Looking at the etymology of wise we find: from past-participle adjective *wittos of PIE (Proto-Indo-European) root *weid- “to see.” Old English = having the power of discerning and judging rightly.

So wisdom is connected to awareness, knowing and discrimination.

mature spiritual wisdom

Being seen, being known, being recognized and discerned, invites True Nature to further reveal what it is. It reveals its treasures, its fullness, its perfection. That knowingness liberates, because it helps us to see what we are, what we’re doing, and how things work. That’s what is meant by becoming wise. We are more consistently able to recognize when we are rejecting or interfering with our experience and are more able to stop doing that. We become more and more capable of letting ourselves be who we are and what we are—our True Nature. So in our practice we are learning to be wise. We’re learning wisdom through directly understanding our experience.

A. H. Almaas, The Unfolding Now
wisdom spiritual knowledge

Most of the knowledge specific to the Diamond Approach originates directly from the diamond vehicles, and their dimension of essential diamonds, with their associated universal wisdom. This is the most direct and concrete reason we call our work the Diamond Approach. And it is the main reason why we recognize this approach as a path of wisdom, for it is the teaching of these essential vehicles of wisdom.

A. H. Almaas, The Inner Journey Home
wisdom of infinite expanse

Other facets are the wisdom of infinite expanse, the wisdom of mirror-like awareness, the wisdom of equality, and the all-accomplishing wisdom.

A. H. Almaas, The Point of Existence

Maturing is living according to the wisdom gained from regression, which is more of a shedding of accumulated concepts about reality. Shall I repeat it? If you have learned from the regression, and that is incorporated in the way you live, that is maturity. Maturity is connected with wisdom, and wisdom is connected with the integration of what you have learned and what you have experienced. If you have not integrated what you learned from experience, then there is no wisdom. When experience is integrated, it becomes wisdom; wisdom is living according to what you have learned. When you live according to what you have learned, you are mature.

A. H. Almaas, Diamond Heart Book Four
infinite spiritual wisdom

In my mind, unlike the definitions of some of the other Holy Ideas, this one is very lucid. Holy Wisdom is the wisdom of egoless living. It is the wisdom of how to be, how to live, and how to work; so this wisdom is not exactly knowledge. It is a way of seeing reality in relation to the passage of time, since living includes the concept of time. When we talk about living, we are not referring to just this moment and that moment. The understanding of Holy Wisdom tells us how we can be free within the ongoingness of living. This understanding provides the correct orientation for spiritual practice, which once perfected, will in time become free living. Appreciating this Holy Idea is crucial for understanding spiritual methods in general, but we will focus here on its relevance in the Diamond Approach.

A. H. Almaas, Facets of Unity

What is wisdom of the wise?

Wisdom is how we live our realization. We are wise when our actions and attitudes express the understanding that comes from our spiritual maturation and realizations. Wisdom is true knowledge and understanding expressed in life, in our actions and interactions. In how we relate to others, events and the world at large. – A. H. Almaas – January 1, 2021

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